Creating chic homes

Everybody wants to have the kind of chic and stylish homes that we see in movies and advertisements. Unless you are a millionaire, that might be a little difficult to create.
But class doesn’t need only money. Creativity and aesthetic sense can surely turn your homes into a dwelling that oozes charm and looks extravagant.
Take a look at some of the most important points that will make your spaces look luxuriously classy without hiring interior designers or any professionals.


One cannot stress enough on this aspect. Colours can make or break your interiors. The colours of walls, floor tiles, curtains and furniture upholstery play a crucial role in making your house look like a million dollars. Monochromatic colour schemes and subtle shades make spaces look bigger, brighter and boost the positive vibes of the area. Gaudy shades or a mix of too many different colours can make your rooms look smaller, tackier and dull.
Choose colours like white, grey, beige or blue for a graceful interior. Using subtle colours does not mean you need to stick to dull colours. A splash or red, gold, green or purple can make your rooms or furniture look hep, as long as you combine everything wisely and don’t go overboard.


Lighting is as important as colours. The right lights will, in fact, enhance the effect of colours chosen, making your spaces look bright yet warm. You don’t have to indulge in expensive chandeliers, false ceilings or ambient lighting. Just a couple of simple lamps in the right places will do the trick. Corners of rooms, balconies and bathrooms need lights that are not too dim that one may stumble but not too bright either. You can choose white or yellow lights depending on your preferences. Today, you also have a wide variety of LED lights to choose from.


Ensure that the fabrics used in the house (curtains, bed spreads, or sofas) are of good quality and not too shiny or made of flimsy material. Too much glitter will make your house feel like Paris Hilton’s wardrobe or a rapper’s jewellery. Solid finishes give a sophisticated look to your surroundings. You can also add a carpet to your furnishing for a royal look.


When buying or making furniture for your house, make sure you keep the required dimensions in mind. Heavy furniture will make rooms look smaller, will be harder to clean and make you feel claustrophobic. Too small and you won’t have adequate seating or storage and it will also create a lot of empty spaces. The material used also plays a crucial role in the overall effect. Be it glass, wood, metal, acrylic or others, you can choose according to your tastes and budget. The final product, if designed for comfort will automatically look pleasing to the eye.

Decorative items

Frames, vases, show pieces or paintings definitely make walls and shelves look pretty. Invest in them but keep things to a minimum. Cluttered shelves and cabinets do not look good. It is supposed to look like a home; not a museum. Don’t pick up modern art or big sculptures if you know nothing about them and just dump them in the house to make it look like you have something grandiose. Simple landscapes, thin vases or a nice wall clock can beautify rooms as well. If possible, try adding a piece or two of crystal or glass somewhere. Although it might be a bit expensive, even one lamp shade or a centre piece can instantly add glamour to your room.

Plants and flowers

This is a personal choice and a bit of work as well so choose wisely. Fresh flowers and plants always look very chic and you can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor potted plants of different colours. But be warned that having plants in the house is additional work. Watering them, keeping insects away and keeping furniture soil-free might be a task. Another alternative is artificial flowers. There are many options available that look as good as real plants; and you can choose those that go with the colour scheme of your house. But remember that you cannot have dust or cobwebs settling on these as that will be a waste of all your decorating efforts.


When creating an elegant look for your house, it is important that you play on all the human senses like sights, sounds and smells. Pleasant fragrances help create positive energy in the surroundings and make residents as well as visitors feel peaceful and calm, adding to the charm of your house. Fragrant candles, room fresheners or even the classic incense sticks can do the trick. Just make sure you choose an aroma that isn’t very pungent. The idea is to calm the senses, not give everybody a headache.

A place for everything

Having a proper place for everything is extremely important. Not all of us have huge, spacious houses and homes often look cluttered because objects are lying where they aren’t supposed to.
Wardrobes for clothes and shoes, a small cabinet for bed and bath linen, adequate shelves and drawers for stationery, office/school supplies and kitchenware are an absolute necessity. Shoes tucked under sofas, towels hanging over doors or a clothes line right across the window or porch will make your place look very untidy.
Not everyone has spacious accommodations. But there are a lot of dead spaces in the house that can be used wisely. Movable/foldable furniture, sliding racks, hooks, collapsible doors/windows, multipurpose shelves, furniture with built-in storage can all help in creating a place for all objects in the house. Shopping websites have an abundance of ingenious storage and work tools.

Imitating the décor of somebody else’s house or from magazines might actually end up in you wasting resources and getting a bad result anyway. A home must look like a home, not a hotel room or a film set.
The key to simple yet stylish homes is to know what works best for your accommodation and to give it a personal touch.

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