Big Move Planned: How Can I Pay for It?

Big Move Planned

There are different types of moves, including really cheap ones. If you only have a few belongings to move and can call on friends to help you, you have a good chance to get away with low expenses. But when a whole family moves from one large apartment to another, and possibly over a long distance, the circle of friends is usually not enough for all the work. Not to mention the fact that a large truck with a driver is needed to transport all the things. What now, hire a moving company? How to pay for this professional help?

The Advantages of a Moving Company are Obvious

The advantages of a moving company are obvious when it comes to a big move. The focus for most is the enormous relief that the professionals bring with them. You don’t have to call around and organize helpers who might not even show up on moving day. You don’t even have to get involved yourself. And the hard-working helpers also bring the equipment themselves, the risers, the hand truck, and of course a sufficiently large cart. The movers not only help out at the starting point, but also at the destination, even if it is hundreds of miles away. In that case, a new team will be waiting at the apartment to be moved into and will help to make sure that everything is well stowed away. The biggest disadvantage of a professionally organized move is the bill that follows.

Financing a big move by Credit: A good Idea?

One way to finance a move is to take out a short-term loan. On, credit seekers will find a large selection of providers with their most important conditions. There, the comparison is easy and the right financial service provider is quickly found. Now it’s a matter of contacting the right bank digitally and submitting the loan application. If everything goes well, most loan providers pay out the money the very next day. However, repayment should be well secured when you take this step. Pay very close attention to the interest rates and repayment installments – and check if you are one hundred percent able to afford it. Only then will the months after the move be as relaxing as the big day itself.

Does it also Work with Saving? It is Worth a Try!

Basically, you buy a certain peace and relaxation when you hire a moving company. But it is also clear that the bill is relatively high. If there are still a few months left until the big moving day, it’s a good idea to save ahead. You might even be able to set aside all the money for the professionals out of your current salary, and then you won’t even need a loan. Or it succeeds to save half or another considerable partial sum, in order to keep the following loan as small as possible. Before the move, there is a lot to do: packing boxes is the order of the day, furniture has to be dismantled, the entire kitchen has to be removed. There is hardly any time left for leisure activities, and that alone can save quite a bit of money.

Create a House Flea Market and Earn Money that Way

Moving provides the perfect opportunity to shed some ballast. Most people tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary items over the years, and this is particularly noticeable when packing. There’s little point in taking something you don’t even need with you to your new home, where it will again just take up space. Better organize a house flea market, where you offer for sale everything you want to get rid of before the move. This can include furniture that you have long since had enough of, as well as children’s toys that your own offspring no longer like.

Such actions often generate a surprising amount of money that you can then invest in your moving company or a large-scale moving truck. In this way, the remaining loan that you may still have to take out is significantly lower. And: The transporter will not be so full, there will be fewer working hours for packing and maybe the move will even be cheaper. An interesting double effect that is worth working on!

“… and the Loan for the Rest”

Your goal should be to pay as much as possible yourself – and then take out a loan for the rest. This way you get off particularly cheaply and have to pay as little interest as possible. Nevertheless, you get what you want: A comfortable move that causes you little trouble.

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