Best Suits for a Wedding

Best Suits for a Wedding

Is your wedding around the corner? Or you’re going to attend a wedding?    

Whether you’ll be going as a groom or groomsmen or just attending the wedding as a guest, whatever be the case, one of the most important or let’s say the most daunting task is to find the suit! 

A Black suit?? Tuxedo?? Dinner jacket?? From materials, styles to design, there are so many options people often get confused about what to wear.You’ve to think a lot before buying a wedding suit for yourself or for someone else. 

So, how to pick the right wedding suit? Are you also facing the same dilemma? 

Keep on reading to know the answer! 

Today in this post, we’ve gathered up some of the best suits for weddings. From traditional suits to unique floral prints and jade green ones, you’ll find many different types of suits that are not only suitable for weddings but also for many other functions and occasions. 

We’ve also explained how to add finishing touches to outfits through various accessories like mens ties, bows, and so many other things. These things may seem small, but they have a lot of potential to make to give that perfect final look.  

Depending on the wedding theme or event, you can select the formal, semi-formal, or casual wedding suit. 

So, let’s start with the list of suits. 

Here are the best suit ideas that you can wear to a wedding or any event. Take a look: 

1. Classic Black Tuxedo

When in doubt, always pick the classic black tuxedo! A perfect sophisticated option for both groom and groomsmen or anyone who is going to attend the wedding. From the lustrous buttons to the fitted cut, a tuxedo in black is perfect for any location, such as banquet halls, clubs, and other climate-controlled environments.      

A traditional tuxedo can be worn at an evening or winter wedding. A black tuxedo gives you that sleek and timeless look that can make you stand out in the crowd. If you still want to add some more style to it, there are many ways. You can vary the shape of lapels or select a different fabric or change the jacket lengths.   

2. Dark Green Modern Mens Wedding Suit

Do you want to look nonchalant yet attractive? Look no more; all you need is a green blazer! The rich dark green color will give you that confidence and luxury look. This is such an unexpected twist on the traditional black suits. 

So if you’re looking for something subtle yet appealing, go with this modern suit look. Try other shades of green like sage, emerald, and even lighter green tones also look great.   

3. Luxury Velvet Jacket

One of the most popular fabrics right now is Velvet! 

Why? It is so in trend these days because of its dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality. 

If anyone wants to add some depth and character to their outfit, they should select a velvet fabric. There is something so special about this fabric! This soft material can easily uplift your entire attire without putting in much effort.    

There are two ways to carry this luxurious fabric: a complete full suit set or just a jacket. Velvet jackets look so good and are completely appropriate for weddings and receptions. So get on the velvet fashion train and make a strong impression on others through your velvet dinner jacket/suit ties.  

 4. Formal Charcoal Suit

Love the traditional suit look but don’t want to wear the usual black suit? If this is your feeling, you should go with a grey suit! You can tame the formal feel of the suit by wearing a necktie instead of a bow tie. Apart from ties, you can also add a vest to make it look more appreciable. 

Style your classic charcoal suit in black and adorn it with white accessories such as a bow tie and pocket square when you want to dress up. This is a perfect option for fall and winter weddings or events that start after 4 pm. 

 5. Light Brown Houndstooth Havana Suit

Another great option is a Brown suit! 

Brown men’s wear is less common, but it can surely make a mark if you wear it right! 

They’re formal in a way but also not so formal. This means they’re appropriate for both formal and casual events. You can literally style a brown suit in a variety of personal styles. You can find all kinds of different tones of brown, including light brown, chocolate brown, and dark brown. 

Another great thing about brown suits is that you can wear them to many occasions like weddings, church services and even for romantic dinner. 

6. Red Corduroy Mens Wedding Suit

Make a striking entrance in an event by wearing a stunning Red Wedding Suit! This is such a great option for those who want to wear something out of the box. From fall weddings to winter receptions, you can wear this stylish red suit on many occasions. 

Red suits are vibrant, colorful, and perfectly good to wear at both your wedding and your friend’s wedding. From bright red and cherry red to burgundy and crimson, you can try various tones and shades of red and pick the one that looks best on your skin tone. Style the suit with a plain white shirt, and you can also try some suit ties in dark colors as this combination looks really good all together. 

7. Slim Fit Plaid Wool Suit

Do you have to attend an event in winter? Or do you live in regions where there is a cold atmosphere? 

If yes, the wool suit will be the best for you! And we’re not referring to the plain suits; we’re talking about the stylish plaid wool suits!

Plaid is such a great way to add some character and depth to your outfit. From plaid, pants, and coats to jackets and vests, you can use this pattern in so many ways.   

Get your wool suit in a slim fit, pair it with matching flat-front trousers, and stay comfortable yet stylish. 

8. Double-breasted Wedding Blazer

You may have seen people wearing a double-breasted blazer to business meetings and events. However, these days this style is also popular in fashion-forward parties and even at weddings. From solid color ones to printed and stripe ones, you can find a double breasted blazer in so many different designs. 

9. Trendy Floral Prints

Are you a groom or groomsmen that doesn’t like to wear classic? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, many people don’t like to wear traditional suits. And this is perfectly alright! 

Yes, you can wear suits in bright colors like green or red, but we’re talking about something else. This time try a printed suit instead of going with the plain suits. You can even get your suit in popular colors like black, dark blue, or gray.   

What to Wear With a Wedding Suit? 

After purchasing your suit, what’s next? Wedding suit accessories! Yes, to complete your attire, you should also pay attention to the accessories that you’ll be going to wear at the event. Whether you’re going to a black-tie vent or a friend’s birthday party, accessories can really make a huge difference. 

Here are some of the important accessories that you can wear with your suit: 

  • Bows & Ties

Ties are essential to complete the outfit. Select a bow tie or tie according to the event you’re going for. You can select anything from solid shades to quirky or floral prints. These suit ties are a fantastic way to add a finishing touch to your overall attire. d        

  • Suspenders

Add this versatile and interesting accessory to your suit and stay stylish. Suspenders are not only practical but also quite comfy. You can easily add some personality to any ordinary outfit and make it look appealing. 

  • Brooches & Pocket Squares

A brooch or pocket square is a simple but stunning way to turn a plain suit into a wedding suit. Whether you’re wearing a tuxedo or a dinner jacket, you can level up your dressing game by adding a colorful pocket square or a minimal brooch that complements your suit.  

  • Shoes

No matter how small an accessory is, you just can’t neglect its importance. And that also applies to shoes! If you’re going to a wedding or business meeting, you can go with formal shoes like oxford and derby and if you’re attending a casual event, go with loafers and monk straps shoes. Go with an elegant pair of shoes that shouldn’t stand out that much but also looks good with your outfit.      


So this is all about the best suits for a wedding. On the wedding day, not only brides but grooms and groomsmen also put a lot of effort to look good and make the day more special. From selecting the perfect suit to finding the right accessory for it, there are a lot of things that men also need to put a lot of thought into. 

While finalizing your suit, keep factors like wedding theme, cloth material, style, and, of course, your budget in consideration. 

After selecting the suit, don’t forget to add accessories like ties, suspenders, and cufflinks. So get ready to suit up and leave a mark on everyone through your stunning dress!  

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