Best Glass Nose Pads to Keep Your Glasses in Place

The nerdy look is chic in today’s world and lots of celebrities have popularized it. However, no matter how sleek and sexy your glasses are, they won’t enhance your looks if they keep slipping down your nose. And when the practical application is taken into account, you will have a hard time seeing clearly through glasses which don’t stay in front of your eyes. To avoid all such situations, choose from one of these wonderful anti-slip glass nose pads. Remember, foam nose pads are generally thinner and resistant to facial oils but they tend to be more slippery. Silicone nose pads on the other hand, tend to be less slippery but they  can also trap makeup particles and facial oils, leading to some irritation.

Here is a list of Best Nose Pads For Glasses Available in the Market Today

GMS Optical Ultra-Thin Anti-Slip Adhesive Nose Pads For Glasses

These glass nose pads are made with an ultra-thin silicone material with a sticky backside which can adhere to almost every kind of glasses and make the bridge more comfortable. Depending on the colour of your glasses, you can choose from black or clear GMS Optical Ultra-Thin Anti-Slip Adhesive Nose Pads.

Gejoy Self-Adhesive Foam Nose Pads For Glasses

These nose pads are ideal for all kinds of plastic frames. These nose pads can be slid onto the side of the nose that you want. The foam material adheres well to the frame and takes the shape of your nose to provide ultimate comfort and stability. Each pad is only 1 millimetre thick and you can layer multiple pads together to achieve your desired level of thickness. The Gejoy Self-Adhesive Foam Nose Pads are extremely comfortable, don’t slip and are extremely easy to apply.

TOODOO Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads For Glasses

As far as clear glass nose pads are concerned, these are at the absolute top of the competition. The nose pads are constructed with soft and pliable silicone which can work with plastic frames of all possible colours. Even though each nose pad is only 1 millimetre in thickness, it has a strong adhesive which sticks very well to your glasses. The nose pads can be clubbed together to achieve the required thickness.

YR Soft Silicone Air Nose Pads For Glasses and Tools

If you are a very hands-on person and possess a do it yourself mentality, this glass nose pads and tools set is perfect for you. This kit packs just about everything you need for the maintenance of your glasses. Encased within the wonderfully handy storage case, are five sets of soft nose pads, five sets of mini screws and a micro screwdriver to use with the screws. Once your current nose pads wear out, use the micro screwdriver to remove them from your frame and replace them with some brand new nose pads from the kit. Even when you lose a few screws from your glasses (which happens quite often), you can just replace them with new ones from the kit. The nose pads in this kit are a little thicker than the others that we have talked about in this post, 2 millimetres to be exact . But that extra thickness provides extra comfort.

Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses Wax

If you have really oily skin or you sweat a lot, even the best glass nose pads might not be able to keep your glasses stable. To combat such issues, apply this incredible wax stick on your glasses and stop your glasses from all kinds of slippage. If you don’t like putting chemicals on your face, don’t worry, the Nerdwax Stop Slipping Glasses Wax is made of all natural beeswax and won’t harm your skin in any way, shape or form. A single tube can easily last over seven to eight months, making it great value for money. The lack of scent and the ease of cleanliness also adds to this product’s worth.

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