Best Entertaining Ways to Enjoy The Summer

Best Entertaining Ways to Enjoy The Summer

If you’re stuck at home this summer and have no idea what to do with yourself, fret no more. Here are 10 of the best entertaining ways to enjoy your summer, whether it be with friends or alone, there are tons to do from visiting museums to finding fun games to play in summer. Take a look!

1. Go For A Hike

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete or fitness buff to go for a hike. Walking is free and walking in nature, liberating. Make your way to a national park, your local forest, or the nearest mountain trail and go for a hike. It’s more fun when you do it with a group of friends. Not only are most hikes free, but they’re also great as they don’t feel like exercise. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have beautiful hiking trails in your area, trails that may have hidden waterfalls, this could be the perfect place to have a picnic or take some pictures to revamp your social media pages.

2. Find Your Nearest Body Of Water

A body of water is an amazing and endless opportunity to have fun! Put on your swimsuit and find a body of water this summer, be it a lake, the sea, a river, or something different. Go fishing and swimming. Have a lie down on the beach or go for a boat ride. There are plenty of things you can do if you live close enough to a body of water. Visit one and live it up! 

You can even paddle your way through a local waterway. If you have the necessary gear, take your kayak, canoe, or raft for a spin. If you don’t possess any sort of watercraft, tracking down a neighborhood watering hole or even a lazy river to go for a quick swim is also just as fun. 

3. Host A Movie Night

Gather your favorite people and have a vote as to which movie you’d all like to watch, and for extra fun, ensure that everybody dresses in their pajamas or some crazy fun theme. The best movie nights are those that also provide food. So have everyone bring their favorite snacks and drinks to be shared at the movie night. If you have enough space in your home you can turn movie night into a sleepover!

4. Find The Perfect Spot To Watch The Sunset

Wherever you are, I can guarantee it’s about an hour away from an incredible spot to watch the sunset. Your hometown may have hills that you can climb where you can watch the sunset over your town, or even better if you live near the sea, you can watch the sunset over the ocean. There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset over the water. You can even turn this into a romantic picnic for two or a picnic with friends, just bring snacks, your favorite drinks, and some music.

It’s no surprise that sunsets are among the most famous PC and phone backgrounds ever and it’s all because of how beautiful sunsets are. You’ve seen the high-resolution photographs, but there really isn’t anything like experiencing the real thing

5. Photography Challenges 

If you’re someone who enjoys taking pictures, whether it be to decorate your walls or post on your social media, rather than simply taking random photos, give yourself a photo challenge for the day. You can create your own or find one online for popular ideas. If you have friends who share your photography interests, it would make the challenge more fun to include them and set up a way to determine a winner at the end of the day.

Whether photography is your passion or not, this is still a fun activity to do during the summer. You don’t even need any fancy equipment, if you have a smartphone then you’re good to go!

6. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before 

As a kid, summer was always the time of exploration. The time off school was used to attempt a lot of new things and start to gather as many experiences that would ultimately become cherished memories. Somehow that stopped as we got older, but it doesn’t have to!

There are a ton of things left to experience and you have the entire summer to do them! Go skydiving or water skiing. Go on a road trip to a spot you’ve never been. The possibilities are endless and they’ll be your loved memories years from now. 

It doesn’t even have to be something extreme, you can even take up a new hobby, or volunteer somewhere fun like the animal shelter for a few days a week. Just do something new and exciting.

7. Bike Around

Going for a bike ride is the perfect way to enjoy your city from a new perspective. It is also a great form of exercise and is a lot easier than going for a hike or a jog. You can even hire a bike for a few hours if you don’t own one and go cycling around the park, forest, or even the promenade, that way you get amazing scenery to enjoy too.

8. Find Free Art Galleries Or Museums

Chances are there’s a free museum or art gallery in your town, so take this summer to find one and visit it. If you’re looking for a daytime activity you can find a museum and make a day of it with your friends or do it solo.

If you’re looking for a nighttime outing where you can dress up, an art gallery might just be the thing for you. It’s also the perfect spot for a date. Plus, some art galleries give out free glasses of wine!

9. Take Up A DIY Project

If you’re someone who enjoys working with your hands and doing a lot of DIY projects, I recommend rummaging through the cool and undiscovered objects in your home and upgrading them. If you have furniture, random pieces of decor, art, or frames lying around that could benefit from a redesign. Summer is the best time and gives you the opportunity to handle those DIYs at home and upgrade your old finds into something new. Plus, if your DIY projects are impressive, you can sell them for extra money to do other fun things during the summer!

10. Play Sports

When was the last time you played a round of badminton? Tennis? Volleyball? Whatever you have gear for, take it and set up a mini sports field or court in your backyard  (or your local park) to compete with your family and friends. Going to a gym or to a sports club can be expensive and too much commitment during the summer, so if you’re able to set up fun ways to play sports and get some healthy competition going while doing exercise, do it with what you have access to.

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