Basic Differences Between King vs Queen Bed Introduction

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Designing your bedroom is often a very difficult task and it needs careful surveillance and planning to realize your dream bedroom. One of the most important parts of a bedroom is the bed and the mattress that goes along with it.

Choosing the right bed for your bedroom is often a very daunting task, You have a wide variety of options of the materials that the mattress should be made of. After settling on the quality of the mattress that the bed should be made you then have to choose the size of the bed that you would be sleeping in.

Often the size of the bed depends on the preferences of you and your partner and also the size of the bedroom, The culmination of all these issues while identifying the right need for your mattresses will result in choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom.

One of the major differences between the queen and the king bed is the width of the mattress. Though both the mattresses are similar in length at 80 inches the width of a king bed is 16 inches wider than the queen bed. Apart from all these major differences, some other smaller differences can be tabled out in the below  comparative analysis table

Queen Vs King Comparative Analysis

Parameters Queen King
Width 60 inches 76 inches
Length 80 inches 80 inches
Area per person 30 inches by 80 inches 38 inches by 80 inches
Recommended room size 10×10 feet 13×13 feet
Bed size 60 inches x 80 inches 76 inches x 80 inches
Price $799 approx $999 approx

Queen Mattress

A Queen Mattress is though smaller than a King-Size Mattress, it still can be an excellent choice of mattress for people who are single and would like to accompany their pets and kids to their beds. Or couples who would just love to cuddle and would need minimum space for movements will also turn to queen beds to settle. Still below we have briefly discussed the pros and cons  of owning a queen and then a king mattress

Pros of Queen Size Mattress

  • Ideal for couples or singles with pets: It’s an excellent choice of mattress for the couple who just want to be a little cozy. Or people who are single and would like to accompany their pets to their beds would also prefer a Queen size mattress over a king.
  • Economical: Queen mattresses are less expensive than their king-size counterparts and ideal for people who are on a tight budget.
  • Mobility: Due to its lighter weight than a king-size bed it is very easy to carry and move around if there is any change in room or address.
  • Perfect fit for smaller bedrooms: If you have a smaller bedroom then a queen mattress is a perfect fit for your room and would also look aesthetically pleasing.

Cons of  Queen Size Mattress

  • Can’t accommodate children: Being smaller in size queen size mattress would not be able to accommodate children along with a couple.
  • Moment restriction: As the mattress is smaller in size compared to a king-size mattress it also restricts the movements of the couple in the mattress.

King Mattress

A king-size mattress would need a specific room size of at least 13×13 feet to comfortably fit. Other than that it also has its own set of Pros and cons that is discussed below.

Pros of King Size Beds

  • Ideal for the Couple who enjoy Personal Space: King Size mattress is ideal for a couple who would love to have some personal space while sleeping while also allowing them to accompany their favorite pets or their kids along with them.
  • Ideal for Spacious bedrooms: For bedrooms that are made spaciously king size mattress is the ideal fit and looks aesthetically pleasing in bigger bedrooms.
  • Ideal for people who are fidgety sleeper:- King size mattresses are ideal for people who move around a lot during their sleep as it offers them enough space to maneuver.

Cons of King Size Beds

  • Expensive: King size beds owing to their size is always expensive in comparison to their queen size beds.
  • Low mobility: King-size mattresses are very difficult to move if you want them to be shifted to any other address or room owing to their huge size.

After properly analyzing the pros and cons of  queen vs king bed  there are also a wide variety of other factors that also influence your choice of mattress.

  • Room size: A Queen size bed would require a small bedroom measuring 10 feet by 10  to bed to fit their mattress on the bed while also allowing some space for movements, they are an ideal fit for smaller bedrooms for singles with pets or for couples who do not need much space for movement during sleep.
  • Sleeping positions: A lot of couples and single people would prefer a queen bed over a king as it gives them enough space to sprawl, but couples who need some extra space for their kids or pets must upgrade themselves to king-size beds.
  • Price:Though there is only a few dollar difference between the king size mattress and queen size mattress, still price also has a role to play if you are tightly budgeted, therefore you would only buy a king-size mattress if you would need one, again the quality of the mattress also impacts the price of the mattress.
  • Preferences: Lastly one of the deciding factors in the choice of your mattress is your preference. A King-size mattress though is bigger would use up maximum space of your bedroom and would be bulky and expensive while a queen-size mattress would be economical easy to move around and would also allow you and your partner to be cozy while not being much far from each other.


Both queen-size beds and king-size beds are excellent choices for the mattress but your ideal choice of a mattress depends entirely on your need for the mattress. If you have a smaller bedroom and no kids or pets to accompany you, your ideal choice of mattress would simply be a queen size mattress. But if you have a massive sprawling bedroom then a king-size mattress is all you would need and want as it can accommodate your kids and pets along with your partner and would give a place and some quality time to spend together.

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