Aura Reading: Instagram's Photo Trend

Look closely at Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or Buddha? Notice around them they’ve got halos of light. An aura reading is the same concept.

This is a very popular trend on Instagram where you see beautiful self portraits of people, and around the border of their body, you’ll see a coloured ring and this is called aura photography. Sounds interesting if you’re into hippy or cool things, but honestly just enter the hashtag: #auraphotography on Instagram and you won’t be dissatisfied. 

In fact you’ll either be left with wanting to do one yourself, or you’ll want to know more about it. 

What is an aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. A healthy human aura (yes, plants and animals have it to)  should span around 2 to 3 feet outside your body, and it has seven layers. 

The outermost layer is called the mood layer which is obviously easily affected by external circumstances, but the ones that are deeper in(wow humans are like an onion) are the ones that stay inwards for the most amount of time suggesting that it’s deeply rooted in your past, in your beliefs, etc. The deeper layers will only change if there is a tremendous shift in your aura like going through a period of time where you change a lot.

An aura can not only show you the layers, it can also change in colour, depending on the position in which they lie. For example, the right side is where the masculine side is and the left is the feminine one.

Each of the aura colors represent a person’s mood or physical health depending on the condition of their chakras. The major hues in an aura spectrum are red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo and violet. Keep in mind that there are many variations of those colors. 

Variants exist in colors depending on high intensity or low intensity, or deepness or lightness in color. Auras can also have metallic colors such as silver and gold. It can be tinted with black, white and gray, as well.

An aura can manifest a multitude of information about one’s past, present and future. An aura changes its visage to those who are sensitive to them. For example, many psychics, psychic mediums and healers, etc who are sensitive to the vibrations of each layer, can either visually see or physically sense the colors. Kirlian or other special cameras can also be used to photograph and view the aura.

Who does an aura reading? 

An aura is an energy field that emanates around a person’s body, and even the most skeptical person will come to realize that there is an energy force around every individual. You might think you’ve never seen an aura. Well, perhaps you haven’t seen it around the person, but you have. 

There used to be people from the past who used to perform an auto reading, simply by looking at someone. Aura readers can see the amount of light emanating particularly around the head and the colors are highly significant. They have said that they can see breaks in one’s aura and they know at what time in a person’s life there was an accident, or problem or issue. This would be based on the colors and the position of those colors. A little bit of intuition also helps.

Also, aura readers are usually those that are psychics, tarot readers and often teach spirituality and meditation. 

How to learn aura reading?

If you’re wondering how do an aura reading on yourself or on others, beginners can follow these steps: 

1. Become Aware of Energy

Before we can develop our ability to see auras, we must first notice how energy feels in our bodies. If you are with a friend, pay attention to how you feel in their presence. Are they inviting you in to feel loved and cherished or rather drain you of your own energy? Align yourself with your breath and ask for an honest sensation of how they make you feel. It’s okay to zone out for a second to do this. Honor your physical reactions too as they will help you navigate the many people that we come in contact with.

2. See From the Periphery

It is rare to see an aura, as we are biological machines processing and filtering out so much information at such a fast rate and aura reading can take time. To see the aura, gaze at one spot for 30-60 seconds and allow your gaze to soften. Watch those objects just outside of your direct sight to further develop your peripheral vision. While mastering your gaze, please don’t strain or stress for that will only trigger anxiety or headaches. Breathe normally to practicing this soft-focus vision.

3. Color is King

Color will best hone your ability to read auras. Go into a neutral colored room and play with brightly colored objects. Practice with objects taped to the wall at a distance to practice your periphery best. Close your eyes and breathe. Softly gaze at the color while breathing deeply almost as if you are looking through it.

Watch the field outside of the colored object. You’ll begin to notice a pale, shimmer of color coming off of it. This is the magic of reading the aura. As you gain confidence with single colors, gradually bring in multi-colored objects to expand your psychic vision.

4. Read the Aura of Another

Practice with plants but when you’re ready to move on to people, please get their permission first. This will ensure that free will is honored and will grant you access to see their aura with respect on both sides. 

To do so, ask someone to stand 14-18 inches in front of you against a neutral wall. Softly gazing through him/her and at the wall, ask the aura to show itself to you. Look not only to your vision but also your sense of the colors. Once you’ve made this connection in reading the aura, ask them to move around slowly to see if you can still sense the same colors. 

5. Self-Practice

Once you’ve honed your skills with others,  read your own aura! Note that this may be a bit more challenging but can be an excellent practice at strengthening your intuitive abilities. 

Sit in a quiet meditative space with an intention that you would like access to “see” your own aura. Rub your hands together because it will activate energy between the two hands and turn on the Aka. The stickiness (or sense of being magnetized to one another) you may feel is known as Aka or the ethereal substance of life– to the ancient Egyptians and is the invisible thread that creates matter.

Now look between the palms and see if you can sense a color to these threads of energy. It may feel like mist or fog even but your physical sense of color will confirm your psychic vision.

The blessing of how to read auras is that it gives us a direct experience of reality which we often ignore. When we can honor the energetic reality we navigate through each day, it will slow down our fast pace. Awaken more of a spiritual nature of reality around us.

How does an aura reading work?

Aura reading is reflected in the halos you see in artistic representations of Jesus, in the Indian concept of prana, or a person’s life energy, and in the idea of chi in schools of Chinese philosophy. Today they are read by many psychics and also through aura photography. 

Aura photography and its many, various derivatives are based on the understanding of modern technology combined with the information that past cultures have known for millennia. This includes Kirlian photography. Using this wealth of knowledge, we can create technologies to view depictions of the colored radiant aura and allow us to open up new possibilities of perception for our inner worlds.

How to prepare for an aura reading?

1. Decide in advance what you want to learn.

You’re the world’s expert on your life. Of all the people in the universe, you know most about what you need to know now. Adding your own perspective can make all the difference between a really helpful aura reading and one that leaves you dissatisfied. Are you curious about career, your love life, personal growth? Decide.

2. Go to the right kind of aura reader for the questions you have.

Each person has a unique gift. An aura reading will flow from those gifts. Assuming that “aura reading means knowing everything” makes about as much sense as assuming that all engineers are alike. In reality, if you want to build a road, you want a civil engineer, not an electrical engineer or one who designs airplanes.

3. Position your questions in the now, not the future.

Unless the aura reader specializes in predictions, don’t ask for them. Reading the future well is not a common gift. Every choice you make can change your future.

A good question to ask yourself is, “What is going on in my life RIGHT NOW that makes me feel such a burning need to know about my future?”

4. Don’t give it away just because you’re having an aura reading.

Many newbies to aura reading assume “of course,” the “almighty” aura reader will tell you what you are supposed to do, the purpose of your life, and what is going to happen to you. But only you can know these.

5. Invite the aura reading to bring insights about your human life.

As you may know, your aura contains chakras, places where the information is most concentrated. And every one of those main chakras contains 50 different databases of information. So, aura readings can bring insight that you just can’t get in other ways. What a waste it is to only ask questions about, “My destiny, my guides, my purpose.”

6. Ask specific, open-ended questions.

Depending on what you most want to know, your aura reading can help you gain insights and solve problems.  

* Why do I find it hard right talking to my lover?

*Can I communicate more effectively?

* What is a gift of my soul for public speaking?

7. Remember that an Aura Reading is not the same thing as an Aura Healing.

Just because the topic is aura reading, it doesn’t mean all the usual laws of nature on earth are suspended. 

8. Please stop worrying about what you are “supposed” to do. 

The more stuck a person is, the greater the need to find out, “What am I supposed to do?” 

Even a good aura reading can help somewhat, provided you understand one thing: Your need to learn the “supposed to” is directly proportional to your need to step into your life and make it work for you, rather than waiting for fate to hand you life’s goodies.

9. Ask follow-up questions.

Your ability to ask those questions helps an Aura Reading to be most useful for you. If something doesn’t make sense, or if it does, many questions may come to mind. Well, ask them.

10. Don’t expect Aura Reading to be Mind Reading.

What if something said in your aura reading puzzles you, annoys you, or fascinates you? Interact with the aura reader. That’s where a lot of the fun will be, as well as the biggest help for you.

Aura reading is just one step to greater awareness and elevating our consciousness. It gives alignment with those people, spaces and situations that serve us best. Plants, animals and even buildings not just humans all radiate distinct colors which will reveal more than words can.

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