9 common myths about mattresses you should stop believing.

Mattress shopping can be a tedious process. The more knowledge you have, the easier it gets. Unfortunately, there is so much information out there, and we get trapped between what is real and false.

To get the facts, we contacted Melissa Martin who has worked for Sleepys  Mattresses for more than 5 years as a Brand and Product Development Manager. She told us that people who approach her for insights on a mattress they were interested in often had prior information that was not true at all. It was clear that people do not know much about mattresses.

Let’s separate the truth from the myth.

Latex mattresses are all natural

People tend to classify latex mattresses as being natural and eco-friendly because latex is said to come from the rubber plant. It is not entirely true because not all mattresses are made of natural latex. 

There is a synthetic rubber that is made from mixing petroleum products and several chemicals that is in the market. Manufacturers tend to mix it with the natural rubber when making mattresses probably because it’s less expensive. When used to make mattresses it can because allergic reactions due to the chemicals used.

When you are buying a mattress make sure to double check the materials for a 100%natural latex mattress.

A more expensive mattress is better.

The price on the mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best quality. It’s unfortunate that most people tend to regard the price tag not knowing that they can get a higher quality for less.

You need to understand that the materials and the density of the mattress are the critical determinants of the quality of your mattress. Melissa confirmed that she had had several encounters with customers who come to their factories and ask for the most expensive mattress believing its better.

The cover is the most essential part of the mattress.

It is not uncommon to buy a mattress depending on its looks. Its look is not most important at all because all that matters is what is inside. The cover should not be ignored all together due to the material and health issues.

When you shop for a good mattress, you should insist on getting detailed information about the materials, compression techniques, and density.Also, ask for details on the right mattress type for your specific kind of sleeper.

You do not need to flip your mattress very often.

There are two most common brands of mattresses in the market: the non-flip and the flappable mattress. The non-flip mattress is one-sided meaning it’s not possible to flip it. The flappable matresses are double sided making them flippable.

It is essential to flip your mattress since it helps it wear evenly. When using the non-flippable version, just because it is not recommended to flip doesn’t mean that you can’t rotate it. Failure to flip or rotate a mattress leads to tear and wear on only one side, precisely where you sleep.It makes your mattress lose comfort leading to less sleep.

You can use a mattress topper to add years to your mattress

If you have bought a mattress from a retail store, the chances are that the retailer has suggested that you add a mattress topper to your shopping list promising more comfort. This is not true.

A mattress topping will add more cushioning and pressure point which can be more relieving when your mattress is wearing out or when you happen to unknowingly purchase a very firm mattress. 

It is not true that a topper extends the life of your mattress because the inner materials are what makes the mattress. If it is completely worn out, the topping will be useless.

A very firm mattress is right for your back.

A hard mattress is, in fact, the root cause of all your back problems. Your spine curves from the head in spring and is S-shaped and curves inside.Many people think that a spine is straight; therefore assuming that a firm mattress which does not sag is the best for this purpose.

You should buy a mattress that is medium density for it tends to curve at the middle where most of your weight is concentrated just like the spine. The curve gives your spine better control, and you get to sleep more comfortably. A firm mattress can only be better if you are a sleeper who always has pillows for support, consider putting a pillow on your back.

Mattresses cannot be cleaned.

A few years back, it was almost impossible to clean mattresses. Recently mattresses can be cleaned using various technologies. When you wash your mattress, you should consider the type.

A vacuum cleaner would be good to suck the specks of dust that has accumulated in your mattress effectively. However, it only removes loose dirt.

You can also steam your mattress, but you will need to do that when you have somewhere else to sleep since it requires drying.

 Consider using a mattress topper instead which will protect the mattress and absorbs all the dirt. It is easy to manage and less expensive as compared to replacing a mattress.

Innerspring mattresses are better.

Most people tend to believe that the more traditional innerspring mattresses are better compared to modern ones. It is true that they are more affordable, although they are not the best option in the market.

Innerspring mattresses are filled with air which fills up the gap left when it pops out. This is not effective enough for durability. A modern mattress that is made of suitable material is better although they are somewhat pricy.

One size mattress is suitable for all people.

Melissa recommends considering your personal preferences when buying a mattress.  A lighter sleeper will need a different mattress from a more heavier sleeper.

 A side sleeper will need a medium density mattress while a back sleeper will require a mattress with lots of plush to support their back. Putting your unique situation enables you to get the best mattress.


You have probably heard some or all of these myths. Getting the facts right will save you a lot of trouble from unnecessary and overhyped sales efforts. Always dig deeper to find the real truth about mattress that interests you.

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