8 Interesting Things You Can Bring To A Party

Interesting Things You Can Bring To A Party 1

There are many ways to make a party more enjoyable and unforgettable. That’s why hosts explore fun party theme ideas, and guests consider what to bring with them. While traditional offerings like wine or flowers are always appreciated, why not surprise your host and fellow guests with something out of the ordinary? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 8 intriguing items that are sure to liven up any gathering.

1. An Outdoor Cinema

All you need is a portable projector, a large white sheet or inflatable screen, and some comfy seating options. You could select films that match the occasion, or cater to specific interests. It could be an 80s movie marathon, a romantic comedy night, or an action-packed superhero extravaganza. Add some string lights or lanterns for ambiance, and provide blankets for extra comfort during cooler evenings.

Prepare some popcorn and drinks so everyone can enjoy their favorite movie snacks. A company called CH Events are cinema specialists, and they reflect the demand for hireable equipment for corporate events and garden parties. People want HD projection for large-scale gatherings, and ways to connect your Netflix or Disney + account to high-quality equipment.

2. Unconventional Music Playlists

Instead of choosing typical party music, create a playlist showcasing unique and lesser-known songs from different genres. This can be a great conversation starter, introducing your friends to brand-new artists and sounds. From indie rock to world music, there are endless possibilities.

Choose slower, more atmospheric songs during dinner or cocktail hour, to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. As the night progresses and people start dancing, switch it up with energetic and experimental tracks that keep everyone on their feet.

3. Unexpected Entertainment

A professional magician could arrive with mind-blowing tricks and illusions. They’d leave the guests in awe, and create a sense of wonderment throughout the event. From pulling rabbits out of hats to making objects disappear into thin air, this could add an extra element of surprise and enjoyment.

Caricature artists can quickly sketch hilarious and exaggerated portraits of guests. They can capture their unique features in a comical way. This provides great entertainment for those being sketched, and it also offers amusement for other attendees as they watch. The guests will be thrilled to take home their personalized souvenirs, ensuring the memories of this party last forever.

4. Personalized Party Favors

Gone are the days of generic goody bags! Now, you can customize favors to match the theme or celebrate milestones. One great idea is personalized wine glasses or shot glasses with each guest’s name or initials. These can serve as functional party favors, and can also double as place settings. 

They’ll make it easier for guests to keep track of their drinks throughout the evening. Another option is custom-made keychains, which can be engraved with each guest’s name or initials. These can be practical and useful but also make for a stylish accessory.

5. Homemade Appetizers

From bite-sized caprese skewers to crispy bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, there are endless options to choose from. If you’re looking for a refreshing option, consider making watermelon feta skewers. Simply cut the watermelon into cubes and skewer them alongside chunks of feta cheese. Drizzle some balsamic glaze over the top for a further explosion of taste. These sweet and savory bites are visually appealing and perfect for warm summer parties.

For those who prefer something more indulgent, homemade loaded potato skins are a crowd-pleaser. Scoop out the insides of baked potatoes, leaving a thin layer behind as a shell. Fill each shell with shredded cheese, crispy bacon bits, green onions, and sour cream. Next, bake them until they’re golden brown. The combination of creamy potatoes with all the toppings creates an irresistible appetizer that’ll have your guests coming back for seconds.

6. A Photo Booth

This gives the guests an opportunity to capture memories and create instant keepsakes. It can also add an element of fun and excitement to the event. Partygoers can let loose, striking silly poses and wearing hilarious costumes and accessories. Photo booths encourage social interaction among attendees, as they gather in front of the camera. They can capture group shots or funny moments together.

You could bring your own equipment with you (e.g. buying fun clothes from a charity shop), or involve the services of a professional photo booth supplier. They could provide one that’s equipped with themed backdrops and props etc.

7. Unique Alcoholic Beverages And Mocktails

Instead of the usual bottle of wine or beer, why not surprise your host with these? They can be homemade concoctions or unusual brands that are sure to impress. For those who enjoy alcohol, consider bringing uncommon spirits. Consider artisanal gin infused with exotic botanicals, or small-batch whiskey aged in unique barrels. They can provide interesting conversation starters, allowing guests to try something new. Additionally, you could offer flavored liqueurs like elderflower or lavender-infused vodka.

If you want to cater to non-drinkers, provide an assortment of mocktails. Look for recipes that use fresh fruit juices, herbs (like mint or basil), and unexpected ingredients (like ginger beer or coconut water). Mocktails can be just as visually appealing and delicious as their alcoholic counterparts. Whichever option you pursue, consider the preferences and dietary restrictions of the host and guests.

8. Interactive Party Games And Activities

You could choose classic party games (like charades and Pictionary) or more modern options like virtual reality experiences or escape rooms. These games not only break the ice among guests but also create laughter and memorable moments.

You could host a trivia night where participants show off their knowledge on various topics while competing against each other in teams or individually. This game can spark friendly competition while encouraging conversation as players discuss answers amongst themselves. Additionally, you can opt for outdoor activities like giant Jenga, cornhole, or setting up a mini-golf course in your backyard.

You may also wish to consider creating whimsical DIY decorations. Thanks to one or two of these suggestions, you’ll be able to liven up the party. Everyone will have a great time and will be talking about it for years to come.

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