8 Intellectual Hobbies, or How to Raise Your IQ With Unusual Activities

How to Raise Your IQ With Unusual Activities

Intellectual hobbies are great to increase your level of intelligence. Let’s take a look at these 8 unusual and interesting activities which can improve our cerebral intelligence and boost our brainpower.


This is an irrational drawing style that develops memory and creativity and is already a form of contemporary art. Even if you aren’t fond of drawing, doodling doesn’t require special drawing skills and is still very good for IQ, so as for your mental health.


If you think that calligraphy is just hieroglyphics, you are wrong. Letter characters can be raised to the rank of art in Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew. And it is always more than drawing. Calligraphy is a relaxing creative activity, which is also gut for learning other cultures, for example, Arabic culture.

Kanzashi – Ribbon Decorations

Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese hair ornament worn by women wearing a kimono. We have given this term a new sound – Kanzashi – and a new meaning. Kanzashi is a handicraft technique that creates beautiful hairpins, brooches, and other jewelry. To try your hand at this, you’ll need some satin ribbons, a candle or lighter, and a needle and thread.

Customizing – Reworking Clothes

Customers turn into skirts, shirts into dresses, and ordinary T-shirts into designers. It’s a hobby for those who always want to be stylish but aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on clothes. For men, customizing is often expressed in the transformation of motorcycles and cars. Custom bikes are real works of art, and their creators are usually literally sick of their hobby.


In Iceland, knitting is a real national hobby, and not only women but also men knit. Perhaps, in the beginning, such a choice of the hobby was connected with the cold climate and the fact that you had to spend long winter evenings doing something. Nowadays, it is more common in small businesses.

However, you can assume the opposite. If you have a sedentary job, you can and should force yourself to move after a hard day, then fitness classes will help, for example, a fashionable hobby like water aerobics.

The benefits of classes for the soul are obvious because any fruitful activity that also brings satisfaction has a positive effect on a person’s emotional health and awakens his interest in life and love for the world around him. In addition, people often need self-expression, recognition, and praise. All of this is achievable with any kind of hobby, especially with the necessary effort. 

To start knitting you do not need to spend money on professional inventory. All you need to do is visit a craft store and buy five items: scissors, a piece of fabric, floss, a needle, and a hoop. On the Internet, you can freely find step-by-step instructions, knitting schemes, and patterns.

Bookcrossing – Book Exchange

Bookcrossing can be described as one of the most beautiful ways. The bottom line is a person reading a book leaves it in a public place (library, café, bookstore, subway, etc.). An occasional passer-by picks it up, takes it to read, and “loses” another book somewhere. You can track the movement of books on the project website. Their mission is to popularize reading and respect for nature.

Geocaching – Treasure Hunt

This is an international travel game whose core is the search for the “treasure”. Some players create caches while others search for them using GPS. For almost twenty years, the game has had millions of fans. The plus is that this hobby can be practiced not alone, but with the whole family or a group of friends.

Gaming, and Gambling

You don’t need to become a professional gamer or gamble for a living, but gaming is considered a useful activity. Unless, of course, it develops into a gaming addiction. First, virtual shootouts and battles lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the blood.

Second, all kinds of strategies force the player to think about further steps. The ability to plan is automatically transferred to real life. However, if you enjoy betting, it is also a good alternative to gaming and gambling. You also need to use some betting strategies there. To try betting, get acquainted with online betting info at 22Bet. 

Moreover, computer and online casino games improve cognitive functions. You start thinking creatively, your memory can absorb huge amounts of information. It is proven that gamers are better able to navigate unknown places and make responsible decisions faster.

How Do I Find a Perfect Hobby for Me?

When choosing an activity to fill your free time, you need to address the question of what hobby to choose so that it is as useful as possible. 

There are types of hobbies that have a positive impact on indicators such as thinking speed, productivity, and concentration. When you do what you love, you not only overcome stress but also increase your skills. You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve acquired in the workplace, and you’ll take a step up the career ladder. Doodling, knitting, or gambling – it doesn’t mean which hobby would you prefer, the main thing you must like is it


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