5 Renovation Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Make

5 Renovation Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Make

Becoming a homeowner is truly a beautiful thing. You get to live in your dream home and you don’t have to pay any rent and have someone else call the shots. Now, you get to own your home and do whatever you want in it. However, many first-time homeowners make some mistakes regarding renovations. To help you not make the same mistakes, here is what to pay attention to when renovating your first home. 

Mistake No.1 – Not Identifying Priorities

This is a big mistake first-time homeowners usually make and later regret. When it comes to renovating your home, you have to know what the priorities are. To set the priorities, you should look at the state of the house you just bought. Are the tiles in the bathroom old, are there any leaks? Is the kitchen non-functional? To start making a list of priories, make sure to think about how you can improve the functionality of the home, what you want to do with the space you have, and how you can improve the stability and efficiency of the new home. After all that’s done, only then should you move on to the aesthetics of the house. 

Mistake No. 2 – Not Insulating the Home

Another big mistake is skipping on insulation. Even if the home you just bought does have insulation, you should make it your priority to inspect it and upgrade it if needed. Insulation is the one that will keep your home energy efficient and safe. So, if you are not sure if the home is insulated or which type of insulation you should get, turn to professionals. This website, like many other professional websites, is filled with great advice on how to properly insulate your home and why insulation is important. So, it goes without saying that insulation should be high on your list of priorities. 

Mistake No. 3 – Following too Many Trends

Today, most of us look for renovation inspiration on social media. Social media are a good source of information and ideas, but they are also filled with trends that might not be a good idea for your own home. You’ve probably seen those minimalist and sleek homes with off-white furniture, wooden pieces, and whatnot. All that looks amazing on camera, but following trends might make you regret making that decision. So, before you decide to follow a trend and renovate your home according to that trend, make sure you 100% like it before you start changing things. And make sure you are on the budget as those trendy elements can be quite expensive. 

Mistake No. 4 – Not Paying Attention to Storage

No matter how big or small your new home is, paying attention to storage is a must. Many homeowners end up regretting not leaving enough room for storage. The two rooms to pay the most attention to when it comes to storage are your kitchen and bathroom. If the house is small, you can opt for built-in storage options or use up space inside the cabinet doors, under the cabinets and make sure to go vertical. You can also call in professionals to help plan the storage better. No matter which option you choose, just make sure to plan enough storage and fit it into your desired design and you will have no regrets. 

Mistake No. 5 – Not Getting Enough Quotes

Last but not least, people often get very few quotes from professionals of all kinds. This pretty much limits the options and can leave a dent in your budget. No matter if you are looking for a construction company, architects, plumbers, or any other professionals, make sure to research as many as you can in your area. Then, ask for quotes from all of them to get an estimate. This will help you stay on the budget and pick professionals that are best for the types of renovations you want to do. 

Renovating your first home can be overwhelming. However, if you create a plan and stick to your budget all can be achieved. Additionally, make sure that you 100% like all the ideas you have, and only then start making changes. 

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