5 Reasons Proving You Must Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early

Morning is said to be the most important part of one’s day. It is very important that we start our day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. 

But, do we really do it? 

There are so many mistakes that we make in the morning and the biggest of them is waking up late. In this blog, I will tell you some legit reasons that will make you realize the importance of mornings to get your day started well.

Morning is one of the most important periods of your day that can define how your day is going to be. If you start your morning well then you will have a productive day. If you start your morning with sleep then you will have a day full of lethargy. 

Starting the day like a champion is a tough job. This is because our morning routines are hectic and crazy. Many of us don’t even get the proper sleep that we need and as a result, we start our day in a daze. This blog will show you how you can make your life easier and have an amazing start to your day.

Morning people are often seen as early risers and are often thought of as energetic problem solvers. They lead businesses, organizations, or sometimes even nations. And it’s all because they wake up earlier in the morning.

You may have heard that early birds get the worms. Similarly, early risers often get opportunities on their way. They are thought of as having an entrepreneurial mindset leading businesses, organizations, and huge companies. Most of the billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Ratan Tata and many more are among the early risers. 

Why should one wake up early?

Many people believe that there is no such thing as getting more done at the end of the day than waking up early, but studies show that most people are more productive first thing in the morning rather than especially later at night. For instance, this study found that sleepy workers were 11 percent less effective and made twice as many errors when starting work at 5 p.m. compared with those who started work at 8 a.m.

Time flies and if you don’t put it on a leash, it has a tendency to run away from you. All of us experience those hectic days more often than we’d like to. And these hectic days tend to make our lives stressful, don’t they? But there is a solution without expensive inventions like jetpacks: wake up early!

Do you know how Rush Limbaugh makes a point of getting up early so that he can exercise and meditate before starting his day? Well, I’m not saying you have to get up as early as he does, but one thing’s for sure: there are a lot of positive vibes to be gained by rising a little earlier than you normally would. 

It can help you kickstart your brain more successfully than waking up with an alarm in the early hours. It can also help you set the tone for the rest of your day because generally speaking, people who get up early tend to have great discipline. Additionally, it helps me feel everything has been taken care of before I start my day, and then I don’t have to worry about anything throughout my workday. I also find that I always end up eating healthier this way because I’m not rushing around trying to find something nutritious that won’t take me ages to prepare. 

Now, let me explain 5 reasons that are worth your attention! 

1. Better sleep

What? Are you kidding? How waking up early can lead to better sleep? 

Well, it’s true. Let’s see how.

Researchers have found that people who wake up early are more likely to go to bed earlier and enjoy better quality sleep. On average, getting enough sleep can help you feel more refreshed, boost your energy levels, improve concentration and memory, reduce the chances of you getting chronic diseases as well as pain. There are also side effects of not getting sufficient sleep such as degrading your immune system and experiencing mood swings. 

Sleeping well is important to maintain good health, which means you can avoid getting sick because exertion levels are higher and it’s hard to digest food properly. And waking up early is providing you with better sleep quality so why not try this? 

2. Healthy skin

Rough nights can lead to tired and unhealthy-looking skin. Sleep deprivation is known to contribute to having puffy, droopy eyes and paleness. It also leads to duller complexions as well as more noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you’re ever feeling exhausted from a hard day’s work, remember that sleep helps keep your skin healthy! During sleep, your skin cells regenerate while blood flow increases, helping repair UV damage or other signs of aging. 

Waking up early, you have time for good skincare before going out for work. With a regular little time for morning skincare, I bet you won’t be disappointed when you wake up with that “natural glow” of youth wrapped around you like a blanket!

3. Concentrated mind

Your brain requires time to warm up and get into gear, which is why most of us feel a bit groggy when we first stir. When you’re lying in bed, the delicate balance of chemicals in your brain helps you sleep. Your body releases hormones called “neurohormones” that help slow down your system.

Neurohormones try to keep you asleep as long as possible by slowing down your breathing and heart rate, as well as other functions like digestion. And this can last up to 1 to 2 hours even after you wake up which can slow down your pace in doing stuff when you are directly going to work just waking up. 

Waking up early gives your mind enough time to get back to normal and start working efficiently by increasing your concentration level. 

4. Healthy body

The benefits of waking up early are not just limited to skin and mind. You can’t take it lightly when it comes to a healthy and fit body. Most of the early risers are seen to be fit and fine maintaining proper health. 

Ever thought why? 

If physical health is important to you but, like many of us, you sometimes can’t find the time, rigorous morning workouts could be the answer. One benefit of getting your sweat on before work is that it helps prevent the temptation of skipping a workout later in the day because of social or professional commitments or just plain old exhaustion.

Working out is an important part of balancing your life. One struggle can be finding time during the day to fit in all that you need to, including working out. However, getting up early in the morning and making it a priority can help you stay on track throughout your day. Not only will this help you stick with your workout routine but it will also give you more energy to go about other activities that may come your way throughout the day.

Additionally, there are plenty of health benefits you’ll reap when you make exercise a part of your daily routine too! Getting moving each morning can boost energy levels, increase endurance and improve focus overall.

5. Enough time for breakfast and self-care 

If you ever feel like having extra hours in a day so that you can make time for things you need to do eagerly but aren’t finding time for. Then, waking up early can fulfill your dream of getting extra hours a day. 

Waking up early gives you a chance to make yourself a hearty breakfast that won’t require you to run back into the kitchen several times before hitting the road so that you don’t break your fast and keep feeling full of energy throughout the day. 

Starting your day with a nutritious meal can leave you feeling energized throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening for extra hours to get even more done without breaking focus or pace. Taking time with breakfast, instead of grabbing a quick coffee and donut on the go, will leave you feeling more satisfied throughout your day.

Eating a nutritious meal in the morning can stretch your stomach and could provide you with more energy during the day ahead, than if you had eaten a donut or coffee as some people tend to do. 

The takeaway

There’s a consensus amongst many successful people known for waking up early in the morning that it can be a beneficial habit for you to start. It allows you to rise with the sun and to sleep when it’s dark; this is supposed to mirror our natural bodies, which is what we are wired to do.

“Early to bed and early to rise” is okay for most people but it doesn’t mean that it is meant for everybody. There are some people who need some extra sleep during the mornings because of late-night shifts. And that’s completely ok. Take enough sleep and be productive in your own way. 

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