5 Most Popular, Affordable American Handbag Brands!

Most women look great with an elegant, classy bag! And anyone can appreciate a good, quality purse to fill it up with the essentials. Even Hillary Clinton stated that she “loves a good handbag,” in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The best handbag designers are known for their high quality, iconic designs, and attention to detail — and see just what has made them not only stand out, but stand the test of time as well. Hence, they get featured in lists like this for being the best American handbag brands! 

It’s no secret that when it comes to a bag (comfortably large or cute and small) women can never resist the best quality and creatively designed bag. These American handbag brands are known globally for the latest designs and attraction in the collections. Every season, these brands have something unique and attractive for the consumers. So check some of these best ones below:

5 Most Popular, Affordable American Handbag Brands!


When it comes to a classic American handbag brands with luxury,  Coach is the most popular American handbag brands of all time!

Coach is able to sustain the legacy of being one of the greatest bags because it provides customers with affordable luxury. As one of the most popular American handbag brands, Coach have long dominated the market with its timeless designs, high-quality genuine leather, remarkable stitch work, and exceptional craftsmanship. Every design seems to be so fitted and ideally designed to fulfill its purpose. After 70 plus years, Coach continues to wow its customers with its classic offerings like Signature and Legacy while remaining relevant with newer additions like the Rogue and Swagger collections.

According to Zappos handbag buyer Brooke James, when it comes to designer handbags, quality is just as important as affordability. Coach handbags range from about $300 to $1500 at full retail. Look out for some styles in limited colors in Coach outlet stores. You may also have a Coach retail store near you; expect them to have the widest range of colors and designs. If you don’t, there’s always Coach.com. 

Affordability : Coach bags are one of the most popular lower-priced designer brands and tend to fall into the low to mid hundreds. 

Marc Jacobs

When you are looking for multiple designs, sizes and funky colors in bags then Marc Jacobs is the ultimate choice you have. The Marc Jacobs bags never misses a chance to surprise you with the best of the casual collection with an elegance. The brand targets women aged between 16 years to 40 years and has something in line for students, working lady and a homemaker too! Everything from casual to parties and formal bags is designed. 

An accomplished menswear designer, Marc Jacobs had launched his own handbag line in 2000 and continues to oversee both Louis Vuitton and his own brand. By 2003, Marc Jacobs had elevated Louis Vuitton to arguably the most coveted American handbag brands in the world. He was named Designer of the Year at the Accessories Council Excellence Awards in 2007.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs brand targets a 16 to 40-year-old woman with a New York sense of style and a desire for high quality. Insider Scoop: The Recruit, Nomad, and Gotham bags are some of the Marc Jacobs favorites. The Marc Jacobs handbags are priced from $600 to $10,000 

Affordability: MARC by Marc Jacobs (not to be confused with the very expensive Marc Jacobs line) is another designer line that falls into the low to mid hundreds category. Look for these at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and the Marc Jacobs website. You may also discover a stash of these bags in an outlet store.

Michael Kors

Michael David Kors made his fashion debut in 1981 when he launched his first-ever women’s apparel line. From his stint as a judge on Bravo’s Project Runway to outfitting First Lady Michelle Obama, Michael Kors has solidified himself as a truly gifted American designer time and time again. Michael Kors’ handbag collections burst onto the scene in 2001. 

Michael Kors is one such American handbag brands that are globally known for their ultimate quality and largest collection. MKs American handbag brands are home to an extensive and attractive bags collection. You can get every kind of bag in the gallery as per your need. Moreover, it is responsible for introducing multiple handbag trends in fashion

The Michael Kors lifestyle is about timeless quality, marked by clean lines and, chic and luxurious like his sportswear. Some of the most popular styles include the Jet Set and Hamilton totes. Affordability : The Michael Kors collection of handbags are priced from about $300 to $3000.

Kate Spade

Next up on the most popular American handbag brands, Kate Spade can be described as sleek, sophisticated and smart. Kate Spade arrived on the fashion scene in 1993, but she honed her eye for fashion as an accessories editor for Mademoiselle.

Some American handbag brands like Kate Spade were an instant hit the fashion industry in 1993, launching its first sleek and sophisticated bag that attracted most of the fashion lovers. Moving forward, it grew its fashion statement and presents something for all age groups, and  focuses on making luxury affordable for all income level consumers. 

Kate Spade handbags are a top seller on Zappos.com as the company is targeting both millennials and luxury shoppers with its graceful, practical shapes and vivid color palettes. Favorite bags in her collection include the Cedar Street and Veranda Place totes. The Kate Spade bags sell for under $100 to about $1000. 

Affordability: Kate Spade bags are similarly priced to the Coach and Dooney and Bourke selections. You can always shop at the Kate Spade website, too, for a wide selection of colorful bags. The company debuted its sub-brand, Kate Spade, Saturday to let the young ladies have all the fun but at a much lesser cost. This brings a number of consumers and appreciation home for the brand.

Dooney and Bourke

Lastly here were are on the most afforable yet popular American handbag brands. When you are looking for refreshing designer handbags, Dooney and Bourke are the ultimate options you have. The company is out of some specific logo motives, patterns or checks that are followed by some leading brands. For a change, you can have some fresh colors and characters on the bag. And this will let you have another level of creativity. The American handbag brand focuses on fresh products with new ideas along with making it affordable and best in quality. You can find everything from hobo styles to drawstring bags within the Dooney and Bourke line

They are available in the average American department stores like Belk, Macy’s, or Nordstrom. But if you can’t afford a trip to USA just shop for them at the online store at Dooney.com.
Affordability: Dooney and Bourke, too, are roughly in the low to mid-hundreds.

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