5 Fun Hobbies That Will Keep You Fit

Fun Hobbies That Will Keep You Fit

If you are bored of hitting the gym or pounding the pavements, it might be time to try something new to stay in shape. Here are some fun hobbies that you could try instead to keep fit.

Paddle Boarding

This hobby is huge in the US right now with so many people taking to the water. It might be harder to find those who don’t paddleboard than those who do. This is a great way to stay in shape as it exercises your arms, abdomen, back, and legs. All that fresh air, wildlife and scenic views are great for your state of mind and will help you to relax and unwind after a hard week at work.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is having a huge revival now, and it is not surprising as it is so much fun to do. Public sessions are often held in roller rinks or sports complexes, but you can simply invest in a pair of women’s outdoor roller skates and go to your local park instead. Some padding, such as knee and elbow pads might be a good idea if you are a beginner, and try to find a flat surface to start with. This exercise is great for the legs, hips, and bum.

Horse Riding

If you love animals, why not try horse riding? You can take lessons at your local stable and progress to hacking with your new friends once you are good enough. This is a great way of connecting with nature and enjoying the great outdoors and it will work wonders for your legs, torso, and back.


Cycling is an exhilarating sport, especially if you are going downhill. There are many different types of cycling you can try. BMX or mountain biking are great for adrenaline junkies as the speed, off-roading and ways of handling the bike make these sports a lot of fun. If you prefer a slower pace of life, you can ditch the car and use cycling as a way of getting you from A to B instead.  This is kinder to the environment and means that you can save money on petrol as well as giving your legs, butt, hips, and arms a fantastic workout.

Pole Dancing

Once only seen in seedy nightclubs, pole dancing has hit the mainstream over the past decade or so with clubs and classes springing up all over the place. You can even buy a pole to keep at home. It is a great aerobic exercise that increases your heartbeat and blood flow. It is not as easy as it looks though, and the best pole dancers need to have fantastic strength and agility. It can be used to work out your whole body but is especially good for your arms, legs, and abdomen.

Try these hobbies as a way of keeping fit and you will be surprised how well they work and how toned your body can become while you are having fun.

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