30 proven ways of not getting married early

What’s that one thing in a bachelors life , that scares the shit out of him..the whole idea of getting married. If you are the one who doesn’t want to get married early in your 20’s rather you are planning for a BIG EMPIRE, a MASSIVE BUSINESS, this article is for you.

Getting married early in your life before 30 is like leaving the party at 8:00 pm. When the real party begins at 12:00. I am writing this blog not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, We are all free to make our life choices, you can get married when ever you want, I am writing this blog just for fun, if you are someone who’s is really ambitious, go ahead and read it, might help you over come a few challenges and let me tell you..you are not the only one suffering from this phobia, there are thousands of kids who want to live the life at there own terms but then they get caught up by parents, relatives and society. This blog is for those people who feel they are ambitious, I just wanna give them confidence that guys go ahead and live the life of your dreams, because once you do that, rest all will fall in place automatically

30 ways how not to get married by 30…

1. leave your job, if you have one..become unsettled, Do a startup , work towards your dreams, your goals and your ambition..don’t work for a pay cheque.

2. Work 16-18 hours a day..Make work your passion, so u don’t have time enough to do anything else .

3. Don’t be scared of taking risk in your life early..because if you have a fixed salary job, your parents next goal is to finish one more task..that’s your marriage.

4. Live a bachelors life, stay with your room partners, enjoy your own company.

5. Stay away from your family..stay in touch over weekly calls , not a daily one..!!

6. Keep having fun in your life, make new friends everyday.

7. Travel 10-15 days a month..

8. Stay occupied with work and work and work, become obsessed with your start up.

9. Have a understanding girlfriend/ Boyfriend who supports you in your dream n vision.

10. Find your role model, people who have succeeded by not getting married.

11. There will be those odd holidays and festival days where you might feel a bit lonely but don’t worry, festivals don’t last long..it’s just a day or two, marriage will be for ever.

12. If you are someone who loves staying carefree, don’t ever think of getting married before 30, because if you do so you are willingly giving away your freedom.

13. My mom always gives me reasons to get married like if you get married you will get home made food, I have been staying away from past 12 years and I don’t know anything to cook apart from a maggi.. so do you think I really care about home made food.

14. Another reason what parents give is everything in your life is sorted, your house will be done up properly, You willl get everything clean..ironed clothes..I ll rather hire a maid to do the same, why to trade freedom for ironed clothes

15. Another reason that parents will give is if you don’t get married on time, in future you ll have problems of growing up kids..I just want to tell you guys, believe in your true potential. Have one when u are 35, that’s fine..and give all the luxuries to that one.

16. Don’t get tempted by various offers given to you by a lot of people..it’s very temporary , marriage is permanent.

17. Avoid going to your relatives place, they are more concerned about you than your parents.

18. Advices are free in India, don’t take unnecessary ones..like Ek baar mil lo, baat nahi karoge to pata kaise Chalega ki how is the girl/boy.

19. They are the same parents, if they get to know if we are talking to a girl/boy they will beat the shit out of you..double standards is what it’s called

20. Don’t get married because your parents want to show off in there relations, that there kid listens to them only..you have to live your whole life with the girl/boy they chose..

21. Don’t settle down for anything less, always raise your expectations when you reach another level of life.

22. You only have one chance to get married as an Indian, don’t let it go away so easily

23. You have 70-80 years of life..if you are reading this blog you will be anywhere between 18-30, and hopefully you are single..enjoy your life..don’t be stressed by anyone asking you question

24. When you are 24-25 everyone will tell you , you should get married…don’t get irritated, Have patience, I would say just smile and ignore..don’t DISAGREE…

25. Don’t become desperate for sex. That’s also one reason why people get married..learn the art of closing..get into sales for sometime..

26. Learn convincing and the art of persuasions , don’t give upon the conversations rather turn them into your favour every time you get into one.

27. The art of objection handling, when ever some one gives u a negative like , beta it’s your time you should married now, just use this cycle, it works big time..Smile—>Agree/Appreciate—->Re impulse—-> close

28. I ll give you a couple of examples that will surely help u to reply it to your peers when ever that put you in situations , ex. Beta it’s your age you should get married, you should never indulge into fights, rather use this, True mom/dad, I know u are concerned about me , I can totally see that , and I know you care for me as well, I know the girl that you ll search for me will be good for me for my lifetime, and don’t worry mom/dad I ll Marry your choice only but right now I am still in the process of building my business, I ain’t settle myself, I wouldn’t be able to handle dual responsibility together, give me sometime, after that you can start searching..

29. Our parents are just scared that you shouldn’t get married to someone which is out of caste or religion, this is on a very generic level, not all but a major percentage, you have to have understanding of parental psychology, they feel good when u tell them, that you wouldn’t marry anyone without there consent, and permission .. They might ask you in a very nice way, that do you have anyone in your life, let us know..even if you have one SAY NO…I ll get married with your choice only..I don’t have anyone..

30. Be a high risk taker, live your life..No one would like to get married to a uncertain character , humans need certainty ..!!

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Sandeep April 3, 2020 at 12:05 pm

As a youngster..I got some points to learn from, definitely not gonna marry untill I achieve my goal.

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