15 Easy to use Body Hacks that can Make Your Life Better

Body Hacks

Are you unable to sleep at night? Do you have a constant urge to go to the bathroom?  Are you facing issues with running nose or loss of memory? Don’t worry. We have a natural solution for all besides many others!

In the following blog, we have mentioned some very simple and easy-to-use body hacks that can simplify your day-to-day life.

Body Hack no. 1: Minimise your pain during injections

The sight of the needle in the hands of our doctor makes us frightened. Though doctors try many tricks and ways to distract their patient and save them from pain, we likely end up facing discomfort. According to research, the one and very simple way that can ease your pain during taking an injection is coughing out when the needle touches you. Coughing builds up pressure in your chest along with the spinal canal. This inhibits pain receptors that leads towards pain-free injections.

Body Hack no. 2: Boosting mental abilities

There are many times when our body performs while our brain tends to sleep i.e. does not support our body. Well, you need to boost your memory, cognitive reasoning skills and attention. This can be done easily by chewing gum. Although the benefit of chewing a piece of gum might last for less than half an hour, it can prove very helpful for the last minute before your exams. Eventually, chewing gum can relieve heartburn also.

Body Hack no. 3: Scratch your ears to remove itchiness in the throat

Whenever a tendency of itching surrounds us, we immediately try to scratch the affected part. However, when the itch is in our throat, we do not have an option to scratch unless we have an option to get our hands in the throat. This is certainly not advisable at all. A simple hack can ease you by scratching the back of your ears. Scratching the back of our ears stimulates the nerves behind the ears which develops a reflex causing spasm to our throat muscles. By doing so our throat gets relieved and so does we!

Body Hack no. 4: Vision improvement tactics

This may seem silly or impossible but you can improve your far vision. This can be done simply by turning your hand into a fist and then look through it just like we look through a telescope. You can learn using a pirate method to improve your vision at night i.e. while moving from dark to the light and vice versa. This can be done by closing one eye and looking from the other. Closing an eye will retain your night vision. Apparently, this might be the cause pirates used to keep the black cloth on one of their eyes to retain their eye-sight in the darkest hour at night. 

Body Hack no. 5: Cooling the body during scorching summer

We all face overheated during scorching heat and desire to lower our body temperature as soon as possible. Well, this can be done by hitting the right cords which means, using some of the body cooling spots in the body. Our wrist and back of the knee are some of the cooling spots in our body. You just need to run some cool water in those points or wrap a wet towel that will reduce your body temperature within a few minutes.

Body Hack no. 6: Stop yawning

Yawning is one of the involuntary activities we all wish to skip. Yawning at the wrong time can prove embarrassing or even affect our reputation and sincerity. Isn’t it? Well, we have a remedy for it. When your mouth opens up to yawn at the wrong time, touch the tip of the tongue immediately with your fingers. Your yawn will stop at this phase and save your blushes!

Body Hack no. 7: Control your urge to go to the bathroom more often

Although stopping oneself from peeing is a bad habit and bad for health, having an urge to go to the bathroom more than often can be quite troublesome. If this is the case you can scratch your back of your calf and can stall in the brain. This will give you some more time before you finally need to go to the bathroom. There is no long-term solution for it still when you have no other options but to stay, this hack can prove to be a lifesaver.

Body Hack no. 8: Wade of your sleep by holding your breath

There are times when lousy and tiresome work makes us feel sleepy. The basic tendency is to grab a nice coffee or a cup of tea to drive away sleepiness. When caffeine stops working and drinking too much tea or coffee proves bad for your health, a simple and natural body hack is to stop your breath as long as you can and then releasing it slowly. The constant stopping and releasing increase your heartbeat rate and blood flow which naturally increases your energy level and will keep you awake for sure.

Body Hack no. 9: Swallowing stubborn pills becomes easier

If you face difficulties in swallowing stubborn pills, you can tilt your head forward one your pill is in your mouth. Most people lean backward instead of forward. If you tilt your head forward, the pill will float backwards into your throat and then you can swallow it easily.

Body Hack no. 10: Reliving side pain when running

Want to shrug extra weight by running? It is feasible that while running, you might feel side pain, especially under the ribcage area. The pain is more common in beginners than professional runners. One common reason for the pain is when we exhale while putting the right foot on the ground, it stresses the liver, leaving the pain on the right side of the body. The easy solution for removing the pain is to exhale when your left foot hits the ground which will relieve some pressure on the liver.

Body Hack no. 11: Uplifting the mood

Do you feel sad more often or face distress that worsens your mood? The trick that can be applied here is to make your brain feel happy. One easy way to do so is keeping a pen or pencil in your mouth and hold it with your teeth. This will activate the muscles in your mouth which happens when you smile. The smiling position will release serotonin and dopamine in the brain which enhances human mood and make you feel happy and fresh.

Body Hack no. 12: Keep tears at bay while cutting onions

Whenever we chop onions, we can feel tears running by our cheeks. This can be stopped by pressing the tongue in the roof of our mouth. Alternatively, you can cut a cone below the onion where most of the tear causing elements are stored in juices form.

Body Hack no. 13: Soothe your toothache

Feeling a toothache can be quite painful particularly when the pain starts arising during some odd hours like midnight. This can be relieved by biting a clove that brings instant relief to some extent. Another pain-relieving method has been discovered by a Canadian study. Accordingly, you can rub some ice on the V-shaped part between your index finger and thumb on the side of your toothache. The numbness caused will reduce pain intensity.

Body Hack no. 14: Clear clogged nose with thumb and tongue

A blogged nose or sinuses can be very irritating particularly when it occurs more often. Many people try some pills to ease the issue but you can try a simple and natural remedy instead. You need to push your tongue against the top of your mouth and simultaneously press a finger in the middle of your eyebrows to apply pressure. Just keep pressurising for a couple of seconds, 15-20 seconds and repeat it until your nose is cleared.

Body Hack no. 15: Prevent sneezing at the wrong time

Do you feel embarrassed while sneezing at the wrong place or at the wrong time? Do not worry and try this simple technique. Just keep your tongue pressing firmly against the back portion of your teeth while your mouth remains closed. This usually prevents the sneeze immediately. Though, if the irritation remains in your nose, you must not stop your sneeze as your nose might want to throw out some undesirable particles that are causing irritation to your inner bones. One another useful tip that might help you hold your sneeze is by staring at bright light. This will help in controlling your sneeze without creating any irritation.

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