10 Ways to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special


A house is made of concrete and iron, but it is also the people who live in it who make it a home. A home is where you can find your caring family, who will always be there for you and love you. Your grandparents are the members of your family who love you unconditionally. 

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is unlike any other. They defend you if your parents scold you; they give you ample leeway, and they are frequently your criminal associates. Grandparents are like that window in our homes that lets in a gentle breeze and provides the most relief. 

Your parents would like you to absorb their beliefs and community, so when you’re with them, it seems like there’s no need to think of the outside world. Many families consider elderly people to be a burden and commit them to nursing homes. If you don’t have grandparents in your house, you have no idea how unfortunate you are. Also, studies have shown that grandparents have a significant impact on children. 

Well, today, we’ll discuss how to make your grandparents feel special.

1. Inquire about their posterity 

Imagine if you could pass on the amazing stories of wisdom to your children’s children that the older generation has. Scheduling an interview, either on-camera or by recording and writing notes, is a perfect way to keep your family stories alive for future generations. After the conversation, get to work on editing the video, audio, or written notes into a gift for each family member to enjoy. What a great way to share the affection!

2. Make freezer meals for them 

When I bring them ready-to-eat food, they are very grateful. They don’t always have the stamina to cook, and sometimes don’t make it to the supermarket every week. Furthermore, empty nesters have told me that finding the motivation to cook for two individuals can be difficult, particularly after years of cooking for a family. Bring food in serving-size bowls for them to eat. Many grandparents’ favourite foods include frozen soup, lasagne, and freezer burritos as well.

3. To celebrate their special days 

Do you recall your grandmother baking you a cake every year for your birthdays when you were a kid? Now is the chance to treat them the same way you want to be treated. Well, they may never ask for it, but they love it when their younger ones make little efforts for them. Remember to remember their birthdays and anniversaries. On their favourite days, do something extra special. They would be the happiest person on the planet until you show them that you remember every aspect of what they like and do not like. This says a lot about them playing a part in our lives and living a rather happy old age.

4. Send them pictures

Grandparents enjoy receiving photographs. These shouldn’t have to be taken by a specialist. Photograph your children or yourself as they play with their toys or eat their lunch. Take photographs of everyday objects. You could print them out and mail them to yourself. Alternatively, we have noticed that using walmart.com is a good option. You should save your grandparents’ address in the system. Upload a few photos to Walmart’s photo centre, and the device will automatically mail them to your grandparents’ address.

5. Set a bi-weekly or monthly phone call schedule 

Everyone enjoys having something to look forward more to, and we have noticed that our grandparents’ daily schedule is not always full. Once every week or once a month, make a phone call on Tuesday evening. If you make it a priority, your grandparents will enjoy interacting with you and their great-grandchildren. This phone call would be eagerly anticipated. We often forget about our grandparents when we live away from them, and they feel lonely at this age, so we must try to make them feel loved and special whenever we can.

6. Do make plans with them 

Indeed, we are too preoccupied with our daily lives. There are also our families, colleagues, and a large number of people in our immediate vicinity with whom we can socialize. However, some elderly feel alone. If they have already lost their partner, the isolation is unbearable. As a result, you will make arrangements for them. Take them shopping or to see a movie. Visit them at a store or take them to a movie. Cook a special meal for them or accept whatever they arrange for you.

7. Involve them in your conversations

The biggest issue for grandparents is that they are lonely. It’s indeed up to you to demonstrate to them that they are an integral part of your family. Include them if you’re talking about something family-related. Even if you disagree with their viewpoint, pay attention to them and do not respond negatively. You know when they could come up with something you hadn’t considered.

8. Help support them in yard work 

Correct us if we are wrong, but it seems that mowing the lawn is one of the last things a grandfather wants to do. We think it’s wonderful that our grandfather always wants to mow his lawn, and we also think it’s a job that he enjoys. It takes a lot of energy to pull weeds and cut shrubs. If you request if you can help clean out the flowerbed at the end of the regular season, we believe your grandparents would let you push the wheelbarrow.

9. A gift of technology 

They have mentored you in your life and given you all of the essential life lessons. Demonstrate how to use a cell phone or some other device in today’s technologically advanced world. It might not seem significant to you, but using a smartphone is a joy for them. You can bring your grandparents an iPad or some other tablet to use to read, play games, keep up with the latest events, and communicate with family and friends, depending upon the level of ease with technology. The time you put with grandpa or grandma demonstrating how to use their new phones is the greatest way of giving them a technology present.

10. Suggest sharing the cost of a plane ticket 

What are you talking about? Why? Few grandparents live several hours away. It is not feasible for us to travel seven hours with the whole family to see our grandparents. We’d be too much for their cramped quarters. Rather, we propose splitting the cost of a plane ticket. We make all of the reservations and have a wheelchair waiting for them at all of the entrances. We’ve only done this a few times, and the airport staff are extremely helpful. They can stay with us for some days before flying back to their home country. This would be the best plan for our situation.

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