10 Tips to Protect and Repair Your Hair & Skin From Humidity

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During the hot summer months, nobody wants to be sticky. Here’s how to chill down without harming your skin or hair. Temperatures are increasing in most parts of India. If high humidity levels are added to the equation, it can become oppressive. Warm weather can make your beauty routine more difficult, so you may need to vary things up to avoid acne, dandruff, and redness. Several dermatologists, such as Dr Kiran Sethi, and lifestyle coaches, such as Luke Coutinho, have offered suggestions for an inside-out strategy to cooling yourself down right now.

1. Increasing the number of cooling items in your diet

Internal hydration and cooling do have a direct impact on the skin and hair, as well as an overall effect on the human body. Cooling foods such as kokum, sattu, raw mango, fennel seeds, coriander seed water, thin buttermilk prepared from excellent yoghurt, sliced cucumbers, coconut water, and basil or sabja seeds are recommended.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

The importance of hydration in maintaining healthy skin and hair cannot be overstated. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fruits, starting your day with fresh juice or coconut water, and using products that hydrate your skin from the inside out, such as a gel-based moisturising lotion. You can also apply a moisturizing Face Mist to rapidly moisturize your skin while keeping it cool, as well as aloe vera gel on your hair. Making your own refreshing DIY face mist is also simple.

You can either mix half a cup of rose water with a few drops of glycerine and use it as a face mist or on the hair by combining cucumber and water with some aloe vera and storing it in a spray bottle, or you could just mix half a cup of rose water with a few drops of glycerine and use it as a hair mist. This could be kept in a spray bottle and carried in your purse as your favourite DIY mist. Keep it in the fridge for best effectiveness and spritz it directly anytime you need it.

3. Search for skin and scalp oil-balancing products

To minimize oil secretion in the scalp and combat excessively greasy hair, use salicylic acid or glycolic acid shampoo. When you prefer a more natural approach, apple cider vinegar can help to balance the pH and deep-clean any accumulation. Salicylic acid aids in cell turnover on the face, while benzoyl peroxide eliminates acne-causing bacteria. When it comes to heat rashes and body acne, the same elements in a body wash are crucial. For the skin and scalp, seek oil-balancing creams.

4. Exfoliation

Exfoliation aids in the removal of dead skin cells from your skin’s top layer. Every 30 days, your skin loses dead skin cells to make way for new ones. However, dead cells may not often shed completely, necessitating a thorough cleansing. Because your pores are more likely to clog in humid environments, you must clean them regularly to allow them to breathe. Grind oats into a fine powder and combine with half a spoon of warm honey to make a simple DIY scrub that could be used on any skin type. Do this one or two times a week using a circular motion.

5. A twist out with hair oil is a good option

Paglionico recommends the twist, which is essentially a form of twist out, if you want to appreciate your natural texture but avoid the dreaded frizz. Start by applying a silicone-free moisturizing oil to damp (but not wet) hair, such as Aesop Shine ($33, Nordstrom). Apply the oil evenly from mid-length to ends, then split your hair into four quadrants, parting your hair where you want it to be worn. Then divide three or four pieces for each quadrant. Twist each strand of hair away from your face, then don’t touch it until it’s completely dry.  She suggests carefully separating each part once your hair is dried. If you don’t like twisting, you could try braiding rather.

6. Remember to use sunscreen if you’re going outside

Always remember to apply sunscreen. Wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy outside and you’re not feeling hot. Sunscreen functions as a shield, protecting your skin from UV radiation, which cause damage and premature ageing. On the skin, sunscreen, particularly mineral sunscreen, might feel thick and tacky. The humidity adds to the problem. However, the sun’s intense UV rays, or merely the blue light from your computer, might cause far more harm right now. You also need to use a gel-based sunblock instead of your regular one, and be sure you apply plenty of it and do this at least twice each day.

7. Use a leave-in conditioner on your hair

Keep your strands hydrated and silky before heading outside if you want to fight frizz. Andrew Fitzsimons, the famous hairstylist and TIGI Copyright Brand Ambassador suggests applying a leave-in conditioner after using a moisturizing conditioner in the shower to boost your moisture level even further. Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner ($18; Amazon) is his personal favourite. He claims that because it’s light and non-greasy, it won’t weigh down or build up on your hair. It’s also free of skin-irritating substances and works to maintain the hair’s natural moisture balance, which helps to reduce frizz.

 8. Apply a heat protectant before styling your hair

Apply a heat protectant to your hair before using a blow dryer, straightener, curling iron or wand, or any other heat styling instrument. These hair-styling products act as a barrier between your hot equipment and your hair, shielding it from harm caused by heat up to 400 degrees.

Consider your hair protectant like sunblock, says Paglionico: You wouldn’t go to the beach without sunscreen, would you? The hair is in the same boat. Milbon’s Weightless Replenishing Mist is her go-to product because it’s light and packed with hair-strengthening elements.

9. Consider using a gua sha or roller with your workout-

Nothing beats a relaxing ice cube massage on a hot summer day. Improve the massage experience with a tool if you want to go above and beyond. According to several dermatologists, a cold gua sha or roller massage improves lymphatic drainage, lowers inflammation, and helps with swollen eyes.

10. Use the proper shampoo and conditioner if you want to look your best-

It’s critical to select hair products designed specifically for your hair type. If your hair is naturally frizzy, you regularly use heat styling equipment, or it’s chemically treated, you’ll need a moisturizing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner, says Lauren Paglionico, owner of LRN Beauty in NYC. IGK Bad & Bougie Amla Oil Deep Repair Shampoo ($25, Ulta) and Conditioner ($25, Ulta) are her go-to products for blondes that have been over-processed. Amla oil is used in the formulation of this combo, which she claims can help hydrate and shine hair.

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