10 life-changing healthy habits you need to incorporate in your life

life-changing healthy habits

In the pursuit of happiness and success, we often forget about the little things that can help us be more efficient, feel great about ourselves and help us stay calm. Incorporating a few changes in your lifestyle that take up hardly any time can help you see exceptional results eventually. Especially in this time of your lives when we have an abundance of time, let’s make the best use out of it.

No, this listicle does not have your fundamental tips like a workout, read and meditate. By this point, we are all familiar with the immense benefits they hold for us. Instead, here we have a list of all these off-beat life-changing habits which people don’t talk about that often but hold immense benefits for us.

Let’s check them out!

1. Oil pulling

We reminisce about to take care of our skin and hair but often forget about taking care of our smile. Traditionally done with organic edible coconut oil, oil pulling is useful to maintain oral hygiene. Oil pulling has an immense number of benefits including removal of bacteria build-up, maintaining the oral breath, healing bad gums, preventing heart diseases. Some say that it’s great for your gut health too.

All you have to do is swirl a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for 15-20mins on an empty stomach every morning. Follow it up with brushing like you ordinarily would. Doing this every day or even three to four times a week is excellent.

2. Deep dental cleaning

Just as your body, your mouth needs deep cleansing too. Take a pinch of salt and baking soda, put it on your wet toothbrush and brush like you normally would. And that’s it! Both the ingredients are known to be excellent for your oral hygiene. Salt has antibacterial properties that kill germs and keep tooth decay at bay. Baking soda helps to whiten your teeth and remove the plague.

3. Detox Water

To balance out all the junk you eat throughout the week and flushes out all the toxins, sipping on detox water is one of the smartest choices. You can prepare your DIY detox water by-

Take a few cucumber and lemon slices, mint leaves, crushed ginger and a few slices of your favourite season fruit such as watermelon, kiwi or oranges. Add all of them to 1 ltr jar of water and let it sit for an hour.

Wait for all the ingredients to infuse in the water, and then you can sip on it throughout the day. Having this every day or even twice a week improves your metabolism, boosts hydration and mood.

4. Invest in a dry body brush

Having dry and unpolished skin can break your look, irrespective of how expensive your outfits are. Extremely dry skin, incorporating dry brushing specks of dust off all the dead skin cells from your body and gives you polished, glowing skin. It also helps in reducing cellulite and boosts relaxation. You can easily buy one of these dry brushes from amazon.

5. Switch to a large bottle

Let’s admit it, we all feel pretty slothful to go and fill our water bottles after they get over. Investing in a good, 2-litre water bottle will make sure you can carry it around the house or keep it at your work desk and make it a goal to sip on it and finish it throughout your day. It’s also an excellent way to keep a track of how much water you’ve had in the day. After all, nothing is more important than staying hydrated!

6. Eat from a smaller plate

If you’re someone who ends up binge eating a lot of ends up overeating and then regretting, this tip is for you. Eating from slightly smaller plates is a psychological way to trick your mind into having a full plate of food, however, you’re practically cutting down on the portions. This way, you eat as much is genuinely required and don’t end up overeating.

Downsizing your plates will reduce the number of calories you have and will also leave you satisfied at the end of the meal.

7. Replace negative thoughts

Whenever we have negative thoughts, we often feed them and let it affect us in the long run. Before you even perceive, these thoughts get registered in our subconscious and leave an impact on the way we behave every day. Even though a moment of negative thinking might seem small, but as it builds up over a while, it only gets worse. To control it, replace the negative thought immediately with two positive thoughts about that situation and have one notion of gratitude. Eventually, as you get used to this, you’ll see the virtuous changes this can bring into your life.

8. Organizing

Arranging and cleaning are some of the best ways to practice self-love and feel productive at the same time. Be it sorting your work schedule or your closet, whenever you feel low, decluttering a small part of your life helps in reducing anxiety and worries. It just gives you a feeling of being put together and happy. Make sure to declutter and organize any part of your house of work-life every week.

Listen to your favourite podcast while you clean up and make the most out of that time. Some of our highly recommended podcasts are The Tony Robbins podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Where should I begin with Esther Perel.

9. Digital Detox

Every so often, we don’t even realise how much of our time the digital media takes. Before we comprehend, we’ve probably already spent over 1 hour just scrolling through Instagram. Even though binging on tv shows is cool, it’s cooler to be mindful of our energy and time. Doing a digital detox every day aids you to be more conscious of your time, reduce stress and employ that time for more mindful activities. Turn off your phone one hour after waking up, and before going to bed. Go for walk, read, practice journaling, or anything that fills your cup of fulfilment.

10. Medical supplements

There could be two routes- Be it college or managing a 9 to 5 work life, we often tend to eat a lot of junk and ruin our eating schedule. To get the appropriate amount of vitamins, you should consider consuming multivitamin supplements. Ask your doctor to prescribe you the ones suit you the best. Multivitamins are known to increase your immunity, improve mood and energy levels, reduce tensity and anxiety and maintain muscle health. These are also available in the form of gummies, powders and liquids. Check out the ones that are the most relevant to your lifestyle and start them now!

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