10 daily productivity habits to learn from successful people

successful people

Do you ever wonder? How do some people complete all of their work so patiently and efficiently? It keeps us all in awe looking up to these people considering how we panic and crib about the same. We refer to these successful people as robots and machines looking at how effectively they complete their tasks. However, what goes behind is years of perseverance and discipline.

If you wish to achieve something extraordinary in life, your intention towards life is what matters. If you let your life and its experiences control you, manifesting great opportunities in life will always remain a dream. Instead, to unleash your utmost potential, dare to create your own life. 

Here we have 10 daily productivity habits which some highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders around the world use. 

1. Consuming the right kind of information

As exciting as it may seem to watch conspiracy theories and horror movies, these unknowingly leave an impact on our mind. Before we go to bed, what one should think about is how to make their next day better instead of ‘who killed whom’! Spend your time before reading good books or listening to some light-hearted content.

Here are a few world-famous books to kickstart your productivity journey with:

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

If you are not a reader, starting with podcasts or audiobooks is also great.

2. Time management 

Many consider the key to being successful in life is how much hold you have on time. Time management is indispensable if you have plenty of things to do on your list. Once you learn how to manage your time, you would observe changes in your life. All you need to do is have a schedule for the day.

Sleep, eat, work, and spending quality time with family and friends- Allocate time for every activity. Give 15 minutes to a meeting instead of thirty or take short breaks of 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of work to increase your productivity. According to psychology, waking up early rewires our brain into thinking that we have more time. Utilize this to give more time to yourself and the people around you.

3. Keep a few days free 

There are a few companies that keep a policy of “No Wednesdays” which means you cannot hold any meetings on a Wednesday which gives you plenty of time to complete all your tasks. Utilising these free days smartly is quite essential to be successful in life. Taking small breaks and vacations once in a while helps you relax and be more productive after you get back to work.   

4. Never give up

Sometimes, seeing and hitting things from a different angle can get you where you desire. We often fear taking risks and consider ourselves not good enough. Amplify your self-confidence by working on the things you don’t like about yourself can help you achieve big things in life. 

Remember how J.K Rowling was rejected by 20+ publishers to get the first book of Harry Potter published? And today it remains one of the best international best sellers and has won multiple awards. Rejections are a part of life. Adjust your approach by believing in yourself and not giving up on your dreams.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

‘You are the average of the five close people you hang out with’- Have you heard this saying before? If you tend to be around demotivated or lazy people, your thinking remains limited to that as well.

Step out of your comfort zone and befriend motivated and driven people who lift you and guide you. Ambitious, cheerful and happy people always remain supportive of you and celebrate your success as theirs. Make friends with people who are elder and more experienced than you. You will always have a mentor to look up to and be guided with the right kind of knowledge.

6. Create a small list of things you choose to do day 

Looking at to-do lists can get overwhelming from time to time. Our suggestion is to make daily lists that include no more than three to five things. It helps you have a record of things you need to finish. As long as these are activities that you can stick to and not put off any time, this works brilliantly. Striking off everything you have done throughout the day gives a satisfactory feeling.

7. Do not over pile work 

Overworking can reduce the efficiency of work and make you feel lethargic. It can have an impact on your mental health by causing stress and anxiety. Signing up for every opportunity that comes your way will not elevate your success overnight. It will only add pressure on your mind, and reduce the quality of your work.

Learn to deprioritize activities that don’t fit with your goals.

8. Make a spot which is meant only for work 

If you already work in an office setting, in your cubicle or desk – that covers this point completely. However, if you work from home, make sure you have a particular space dedicated only for work. You do not want files spread out all over the living room, and you do not want to feel like you are not working just because you are relaxing on your couch or bed.

Agatha Christie wrote wherever she could sit down – she did not have defined desk space. Richard Wright wrote on a park bench, irrespective of the weather at any given time. 

Define a space where you are going to work and do nothing else. Irrespective of whether it is a nearby cafe, a co-working space, or the park. Adding to that, make your work environment fun. Having sticky notes of the tasks you have pending or a pile of files will only create stress. Make a little vision board of pictures of the things you wish to achieve in life will add purpose to your work and motivate you.

9. Never stop learning 

According to a famous saying, we should have three hobbies in life- One that helps us earn, another that keeps you creative and one that keeps us fit. Learning is a continuous process hence a life-long process. Enrol for something that interests you. It could be a new language, skill, or art- pick an activity that soothes your soul and broadens your mindset. It will keep you up to date with life, and help you in various paths of life. 

10. Practice Gratitude and Self-care

If you start your day rushing out of bed being late for work and screaming at the cab driver for showing up late, it is you who should be blamed for it. Get quality sleep. Taking a slow start every morning helps you remain composed throughout the day.

Start your day by writing an intention for the day, ten things you feel grateful for and your mood for the day. Break a sweat or practice some meditation to reconnect with your higher self. All your hard work will not mean anything with you don’t treat yourself. 

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