Getting Car Insurance for a Rental Car Before Traveling

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Vacations are a lot safer and more memorable especially if you know that you are prepared for any unexpected events that might happen along the way. So here are some things to keep in mind about rental cars and car insurance before traveling.

Secure your insurance paperwork

Ensure that your insurance card is in your vehicle. Double-check that your phone numbers are specified on the identification card as an indication of the insurance company and its agent. If not, remember their numbers and always bring your insurance card with you.

Be mindful in case there is a car accident

You need to stay calm. Look for any casualties and, if possible, provide first aid. Contact the appropriate authorities, and report any accidents to them. No matter what the circumstances are, report the incident to the authorities.

In addition, you can document the other driver’s information. Always list the number of all vehicles involved in terms of license plate, model, and make. Gather all passengers’ and witnesses’ important details such as phone numbers, addresses, and names.

When necessary take pictures from the scene of the accident. Do not admit fault — this is for the authorities to determine. Ask the investigator how to get a copy of the report from the police. Moreover, immediately notify your car insurance agent or company in case of a car accident

Ask regarding car insurance options

Car rental companies offer a range of various insurance alternatives, which may also protect an existing policy. Request car insurance quotes from different companies to find out which policies have the most coverage for your car. Rental companies are usually at the counter selling the following products.

  • The collision damage waiver is also known as a loss damage waiver. Comprehensive insurance includes damage to vehicles due to accidents like deer run-in, hail, wind, fire, theft, or vandalism. Collision insurance, whether injured in a collision or crash, covers the cost of damages or the current cash value of the car.
  •  Liability insurance includes medical costs and damages to the property of another individual in connection with a car accident due to the negligence of the insured. If you are sufficiently insured in your respective car, you may contemplate forgoing this supplemental liability protection.
  •  Personal accident insurance provides passenger and renter coverage with respect to medical bills arising from a car accident. If you have sufficient income and health insurance for disability or are covered under your own auto insurance through personal injury protection, this supplemental insurance will probably not be needed.
  • Personal effects coverage stipulates the theft of personal belongings inside the rental car. When you have an insurance policy for renters or auto owners, this is included in the coverage. When you travel frequently with expensive sports equipment or jewelry, purchasing a floater under your car or rental insurance policies may be more cost-effective, so that things are fully protected while you ride.

Know and understand rental car coverage

If your government’s policy does not provide rental car coverage, see if you can add an insurance rider for a minimal fee. If you do not have personal car insurance because your credit card doesn’t provide incentives, it may be possible to purchase a certificate of liability insurance and car accident damage at the car rental counter.

Note that if it is a long-term investment, the benefits that your new car insurance policy offers could be reduced. You also need to consult with your insurance company or representative. If you do not have a vehicle, you might want to think about buying a non-owner car insurance policy since it gives benefits for a car rental as well as protection for any car that you drive.

Most important of all, review your car insurance policy cautiously and verify regarding car insurance advantages with your card provider. Many credit cards provide a certain level of collision and protection against theft. In most situations, such benefits are secondary to your own car insurance or the insurance provided by the car rental company, which means that the credit card company will only cover losses once other insurance coverage is utilized.

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