IT Industry faces Exponential Growth down the line!

India’s IT sector is poised for “tremendous growth” and is full of opportunities that can rewrite the history of the entire software industry, said Nasscom president  Debjani Ghosh, the first female head of the country’s $167 billion software services industry.
The most exciting thing about this sector is that we have, ahead of us, opportunities that we have never seen before. Technology is today pervasive. It touches everything, it touches every single industry, it touches every single country, it is shaping not just the future and destiny of companies, but it is shaping the destiny of countries, of nations. The need for technology services, technology solutions, and the need for IT to get integrated into your business strategy is tremendously high. We have never seen anything like this.
I am a strong believer that the opportunities ahead of this industry are tremendous, it is game changing, and it can rewrite the entire industry. In order for us to leverage these opportunities, we have to transform. Status quo is not going to cut it, we have to transform, we have to reinvent, and we have to disrupt ourselves. So the industry is going to go through a process of transformation, it is going to go through a tough time in terms of transforming itself. I think this industry is going to come out of it even stronger than what it had before.
I think we have done a fabulous job creating jobs. However, I think going forward because of the way technology is advancing and because it is bringing with it new ways of doing business, it is bringing with it disruptions in the business model. What I see right now, if you look at all our companies, the Indian MNCs, and they are Indian MNCs with footprint in more than 80 countries, we cannot keep calling them Indian companies, they are global MNCs and we should be very proud that their origin is India, they are out on a shopping spree.
They have different strategies, but then if you look at it, all of them are making some fantastic acquisitions; bringing in the talent that they need to bring in. I think that is what is going to happen, every company wherever it is in the world, is going to figure out the right companies for it to buy or for it to form strategic partnerships with – IP led partnerships that we are seeing happen.

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