India's First Biofuel Flight Might take off from Dehradun to Delhi!

Here is some good news for India. When it comes to the aviation industry, India might see its first biofuel flight take off from Dehradun to Delhi on Monday. This whole plan is going to be operated by Spicejet. According to the plan a turboprop, Q-400 is going to fly from Dehradun and land straight to Delhi. It is not the first time the biofuel flight is going to be tested in the world. In fact, the US and Australia have successfully managed to test the biofuel flight.

The First Bio-fuel flight will take off from Dehradun on Monday!

As per the sources, the biofuel-powered Bombardier Q-400 will take off from Dehradun this Monday and will touch Delhi and then back. As per the sources, the flight will be in the air for 10 minutes. But before the plane takes off to Delhi from Dehradun, Spicejet is going to test the flight for 10 minutes, officials said.
Several authorities including the DGCA along with other regulatory bodies in India are going to get together to witness the test.

What else is going on in aviation around the world?

It was in January when Australian Carrier Qantas flew their Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 from Los-Angeles to Melbourne. The fuel in this flight was a blended one in which the 10 percent was derived from an industrial type of mustard seed. That was not all, Alaska Airlines also tested their biofuel flights made of 50 percent used cooking oil. Paving the path towards discovery, India is also trying to promote biofuels and reduce its dependency over the fossil ones. On 19th August, World Biofuel Day 2018 Prime Minister Modi released the “National Policy on biofuels 2018”.

National Policy on biofuels 2018

This policy defines the production of the biofuels from the renewable resources. Not only this, the policy also specified the applications of these biofuels after being blended with the fossil oils like diesel, petrol, etc. The policy mentioned the use of this biofuel in the industries like transport, stationary etc.
This might be one of the greatest moments in Indian Aviation. Thr first biofuel flight is going to be tested by Spicejet on Monday in Dehradun in presence of several regulatory bodies.

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