Indian Authorities will Soon Take in account e-documents of any Vehicle | No Need to carry Papers Guys!!!

Our government has been moving towards digitization since past few years. With the clear motto of development and technology embracement to improve the operation of the governmental bodies, there have been many changes over the course of the past few years.
Recently, the news of government announcing the acceptance of the e-documents for vehicles has lifted up the spirits of everyone. Soon you will not have to carry with you your license or RC (Registration Certificate) of your vehicle all the time.

No more need to carry vehicle documents all the time

The notice has been passed to all the relative authorities to make amends in the “motor vehicle rule” and to make a new norm stating the acceptance of the digital versions of all the vehicle documents.
Included in these e-documents will be –

  • license
  • RC (Registration certificate)
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Insurance documents

The road ministry has been asked to issue an advisory on the same in the next two days. Along with this remarkable news, the ministry has also proposed that it should be made mandatory for all the trucks to carry construction material like sand, soil, cement etc in the closed and covered containers only. This decision was made on account of reports mentioning the environmental concerns that arise due to the open transportation of these construction materials.

Vehicle Traffic System & the new laws

This journey of amends does not end here, in fact, the ministry has also proposed that installation of the FASTags, reflective tapes, and vehicle tracking system must be made mandatory. Also, all the old vehicles would be required to undergo a fitness test once in every 2-year time span. This includes all the vehicles that are up to eight years old and for those that are more than 8 years old should undergo a fitness test every year.
With this news, one thing is clear that our nation is struggling to make herself a developed and tech-savvy one. Competing with all other developed nations, these small yet wonderful changes might do wonders in her progress.

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