India & China Seem to be trying hard to patch up their relations over hotline between Armies!

The media sources have been busy spreading the news that India and China are soon going to attempt to resolve their differences in setting up of a hotline between the armies of these two countries. This news popped up after the visit of Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe to Delhi, India.

India and China Might Setup the Hotline between two armies

It was just a few months back in April when the two countries revived their plan to set up a hotline between the two armies in the Wuhan Summit between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. This hotline is proposed to avoid the flare-ups between the two militaries along their disputed border. But the proposal did not come to life because of the differences between the two sides in regards to the protocol and technicalities.
It seems like, this issue might come to a solution after the scheduled visit of Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe to India later this month.
Sources also said that where Indian Army is proposing the hotline to be directed between the Director General Military Operations and his equivalent in Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) there, Beijing has proposed the involvement of the deputy commander of its Chengdu-based western theatre command.
It was also said that Chinese PLA has also agreed to what Beijing was proposing, Indians feel otherwise. As per India, the protocol should be maintained at an equal level and involvement of the Western Theater Command was not maintaining the equilibrium.
As per the information, three commands of Indian Army – the Kolkata based eastern command, command at Udhampur, and the command in Lukhnow has been assigned the task of looking after the 3,500 km long border with China, at present.

What led to the proposal of a hotline between the two armies?

Last year, the troops of India and China were put under lockdown of 73 days in Doklam in Sikkim sector. This is what led to the proposal of a hotline between the two armies. This was suggested to build up some trust between the two countries.
It seems like all the issues that were holding off this proposed hotline are soon going to end and finally, the hotline between Indian and Chinese army will be built. Presently, Pakistan and India share a hotline between their DGMOs. This whole idea, however, is still dependent upon the visit of  Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe to India that is scheduled later this month.

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