Finally India is Going To Get its Own Nuclear Missile Tracking Ship

Most of us have no clue that India is soon going to own a nuclear missile tracking ship by the end of the year. According to the plan, this new India’s secretive tracking ship is going to fit into the elaborated missile shield that is designed to be effective against attacks. This news has been verified by the top officials of the government who have been given the responsibility of this project.

India’s Ocean Surveillance Ship Soon to be complete 

It was 4 years back when the government proposed building the ocean surveillance ship for the NTRO that is National Technical Research Organisation. Finally, it seems like the project is soon going to be complete soon.  According to what we have heard, the trials will soon begin with the collaboration of both the NTRO and Indian Navy before it could be completely handed over.  The special surveillance system that the government is planning on building has three dome-shaped antennas embedded with high-class sensors is soon going to be complete and out for trials.
The delivery of the last part to complete this surveillance is going to be delivered this December as per the news from the governmental officials. This complex equipment will generate around 14 MW to power up the tracking radars. This 15000-tonne device is proposed for tracking enemy missiles.
The officials who have been handling the project have confirmed that this is an Rs. 725 Crore project and is an initiative that will help the Indian Navy to improve the surveillance on the Bay.  This project was proposed 4 years back and after these long four years, this project seems to come to its final stage. Soon in December, the last part of this device will hit the soil of India and will be fitted in the device and will mark its completion. Although, the device will be handed over after testing.
News Source : The Economic Times

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