At United Nation General Assembly, Sushma Swaraj's Reminder For Developed Nations

On Saturday, India told the UN General Assembly that those countries, which have exploited the nature for their own immediate needs now, cannot abdicate from their responsibilities and the developed nations must lift the destitute with technical and financial resources.
The developing and under developing nations are the biggest and the worst victim of changing the climate and these countries do not have the capacity nor the sufficient resources to meet this crisis. This was said by the External Affair Minister SushmaSwaraj in her address to General Debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.
SushmaSwaraj said that the biggest challenge of all times comes from the threats of terrorism and climate change.
She also emphasized that the principle of common respective capabilities and differentiated responsibilities was reiterated in 2015 for the Paris Agreement on climate change.
SushmaSwaraj told all the 193 members United Nations body that India has risen to meet the challenge of climate change. Sushma mentioned the latest launch by Prime Minister Modi in partnership with France known as the International Solar Alliance (ISA).
The ISA is a treaty-based body that intends to promote the solar energy the 121 tropical countries.
Prime Minister Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron were conferred this week with the United Nation’s highest environmental honor who has even given Champions of the Earth Award for their contributions.
Both leaders are recognized in the Policy Leadership category for their great work in the championing the ISA and promoting new areas of levels cooperation for environmental action, Including the work of Macron on the Global Pact of the Environment and PM Modi’s pledge to varnish single-use plastic from India by 2022.
SushmaSwaraj also said that the ISA has 68 nations, France and India chaired the Founding conference of the ISA in which 120 countries participated in, March.  Prime Minister Modi has described his vision of sustainable and available energy in a typically hot phrase: One Grid, One Sun. This breakthrough concept can become the solutions we are looking to the problems, she said.
This week a high-level meeting conducted on climate change covered by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Swaraj said India is ready to take the lead in climate action and the commitment to combat climate change rooted in its ethos that considers Earth as a mother.
The fifth largest producer of solar energy and the sixth largest producer of renewable energy in India.
India has set a target of generating around 175 Giga Watts of wind and solar energy by 2022. It has installed more than 300 million LED bulbs, which is saving 4GW of electricity and $2 billion of US currencies.
The example of Kochi airport was also cited, which is the first solar-powered airport in the world.
The Cochin International airport was among six world’s most outstanding environmental change-makers recognized this week in the Champions of the Earth Award.
The airport also took home the award for Entrepreneurial Vision for its innovative use of sustainable energy.
The United Nation Environment said that Cochin is showing the world that the expanding network of global movement doesn’t have to harm the environment.

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