A Girl Escapes An Illegal Home Shelter | Man &Wife Arrested in UP for this!

Yes! the media has been reporting this incident of the arrest of a husband and a wife in Deoria, UP for running a shelter home without a license. This happened following the inspection by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). As per the report, 24 girls were rescued from the shelter home in Uttar Pradesh Deoria city this Sunday.

How did this happen? 

According to what media sources are confirming, this incident took place after one girl managed to escape the shelter home and informed the police about how they were mistreated there. Not only this, when the order was passed to close this institution the team of media went there and the director misbehaved with them too.
The Superintendent of the police, Rohan P Kanay revealed some shocking truths about this shelter home that was operating without a license. As of now, 24 children have been rescued safely and the institution’s director Girija Tripathi and her husband have been taken into custody by the police.
In the tweet made by ANI News UP, this was also mentioned that the girl who reported to the police after being successful in running away from that horrible place, also mentioned how the girls who were above 15 years were taken somewhere from where they use to return crying the next day.
More details are still waiting as the Superintendent of the Police has assured that a thorough investigation is going to be conducted relative to the arrest.
It is not the first time that this type of news came out in India. The issue like these is becoming quite common nowadays raising the concern of not only the police and authorities but, also for the public. The man and wife who were arrested for this crime are being questioned and as police confirmed that more information will soon be out regarding this incident.

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