7th Pay Commission | Will 2019 Elections push minimum pay hike???

Its been months now that 7th pay commission recommended the minimum pay hike for all the central government employees. As per the recommendation, seventh pay commission suggested that the minimum pay for all the CG employees should be increased to Rs. 18,000 from the present Rs. 7,000. Contradict to what 7th CPC recommended, the employees demanded the basic pay to be increased to Rs. 26,000 instead.  The government has been unable to decide on the matter since the recommendation. Recently, the news popped up online stating that the government might be planning to finally decide in favor of minimum pay hike recommendation for around 50 Lakh central government employees.

7th Pay Commission recommendation for the basic pay hike might get a go this Independence Day

As per the latest media reports, the approaching Lok Sabha election of 2019 might trigger the government to take an action on the delayed matter of the minimum pay hike. Its been months now that the government has been dragging the matter of basic pay hike, unable to decide. Word has been out that this 15th August on the occasion of Independence Day, the prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is going to make an announcement in favor of the minimum pay hike recommended by the 7th pay commission. To be more precise, the news said that Mr. Narendra Modi is going to make the announcement regarding the basic pay hike during his speech from the top of Red Fort on 15th August.
This news came as a light of hope for all the 50 lakh employees who have been disappointed with the government for being disabled to take a decision on the matter. For months the confusion of whether the government is going to grant pay hike or not has fueled a state of frustration among the employees. If this is the decision that the government is going to make, then it would be the second good news as the government has already granted soldiers with the clothing allowance of Rs. 10,000 so far under 7th Pay Commission.
All these media reports, however, are not backed up any governmental proof or statement. Unlike soldiers, the wait for the minimum pay hike among the CG employees might still linger on.

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