7th Pay Commission | The 5 Updates you Shouldn't Miss!!!

7th Pay commission has been in news after its recommendation for the increment of the basic pay for the central government employees. Since the recommendation was made, the government has been dragging this issue, unable to decide. This recommendation encircles the group of 50 Lakh Central Employees and the same number of retired pensioners from the CG. It was just after the recommendation of the 7th CPC when the employees put forth their demands disagreeing to the recommended amount of seventh pay commission.

7th Pay commission’s recommendations –

According to the recommendation of the 7th CPC, the minimum pay hike was proposed to increase to Rs. 18,000 and the Fitment Factor was going to rise to 2.67. Going beyond the recommendations of the seventh pay commission, the employees demanded the rise of the basic pay to Rs 26,000 and the fitment factor to 3.00.
More than 50 Lakh employees are waiting for the update on the minimum salary hike beyond the recommendation of the 7th pay commission. Well, let’s see the latest updates under seventh pay commission –

First – Maharashtra State Government grants Minimum Pay Hike 

While the wait for the minimum pay hike goes on, the Maharashtra government has come to decide to grant the pay hike to the state employees up to Rs. 21,000 by Diwali. This news benefits the 17 Lakh employees.

Second – Salary Hike for Employees in HP (Himachal Pradesh) 

Earlier, this year the news popped up stating that Himachal Pradesh has also ordered the basic pay hike for the government drivers from Rs 1000 per month. Not only this the hike in UA that is uniform allowance was also sanctioned, increasing the amount from Rs. 200 to Rs 300.

Third – Pension Hike For Teachers 

Along with Maharashtra employees and drivers in Himachal Pradesh, pension for teachers has also increased under the recommendations of the seventh pay commission. This order has increased the pension of both teaching and non-teaching faculty of central universities and colleges.

Fourth – No Overtime Allowance 

Earlier, the news also made to the media that there will be overtime allowance for the central government employees. According to the orders issued by the Personnel ministry, the Modi sarkaar has discontinued the overtime allowance for all the CG employees under 7th CPC.
These are the latest updates on the 7th Pay commission’s recommendations. There still has been no decision of the matter of basic pay hike under 7th Pay commission. All the benefactors from this recommeded pay hike are desperately waiting for the government to take decision in favor of the demands of the employees.

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