7th Pay Commission | Let's Take a Sneak Peak to its Recommendation on Basic Salary

We have been coming across the 7th Pay commission in headlines for quite some time now. Its been months now that seventh pay commission has been catching the media attention. It was months back when the 7th CPC recommended the government to increase the minimum pay of Central government employees. Since then, this topic has become a hot debate in the media.

What were the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission for Basic Pay? 

Months back, 7th pay commission recommended the minimum pay hike for all the central government employees. Not only this the 7th CPC also mentioned the increase in fitment factor in its recommendations. To be exact seventh CPC recommended the hike from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000 for the central employees to which the employees further demanded the hike to Rs. 26,000. Also, the final increment suggested in fitment factor was to 3.00.
Since the time these recommendations were put forth, the government has been dragging the decision. The fluctuating news over media has really been confusing the employees and pensioners. Where at one end the media is suggesting the possibility of the pay hike there, the reports have also been out stating that government has no intention to grant the recommended pay hike to the employees and pensioners.
These misguided media reports have bubbled out the anger and disappointment among the government employees.

Whats the Latest Update? 

Coming to the latest update, half the media is suggesting that Mr. Narendra Modi is going to make an announcement on 15th August from the top of Red Fort in favor of the 7th Pay commission’s recommendation while the other half is stuck with “No pay commission under 7th CPC”. Now we have no clue what actually is the plan of government regarding the issue, as there has been no direct official statement. It is high time that the government takes the final decision on the matter of minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission.

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