7th Pay Commission | Is there any Good News? The Employees still under Fix!

Well! The media has been constantly reporting the updates on the issue of basic pay hike under 7th pay commission. Where some of the reports suggest the possibility of the pay hike there, multiple reports have come out suggesting otherwise. This confusion still persists among the waiting 50 Lakh central government employees and an equal number of pensioners. The government has been dragging this matter for quite some time now. All central government employees have been turning furious with the delay on this matter.

7th Pay commission recommendation v/s CG employees Demands 

After the seventh pay commission passed the recommendation of the basic pay hike, the central government employees were quite unhappy with the suggested numbers. After the recommendation of the 7th CPC, employees came up with their own demands of increasing the basic pay beyond the recommendations.
As per the recommendation of the 7th CPC, the basic pay was suggested to increase to Rs 18,000 and Fitment Factor would rise to 2.67. Unhappy with these recommendations, the CG employees demanded the basic pay hike to Rs. 26,000 and Fitment factor to 3.00.
It has been months now and the government is still unable to take a decision on the matter. Where last year the statement came out in media stating “no basic pay hike for CG employees”, there recently, the word circulated stating “2019 elections might bring minimum pay hike under 7th pay commission this 15th Aug”.
Modi Sarkar has been awfully quiet and has been unable to come up with an official statement regarding the issue. Where this decision still is under pending list there, several good news also popped up like – Maharashtra state implemented the basic pay hike for the state employees, DA was increased for the army men and teachers were also given raise.
While all this is going on, the government still is unable to get to the final decision regarding the minimum pay hike recommended beyond 7th pay commission.

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Shwetank Gupta July 31, 2018 at 11:25 pm

But some companies are still to get 3rd PRC .Government should try to revive sick PSUs and give 4,5,6 commision to those PSUs. The employees of those companies are serving to the nation from couple of decades.

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