7th Pay Commission | Good News Regarding Minimum Pay Hike & Fitment Factor Can Strike Anytime now!

As per what media is stating across the country, 50 Lakh employees and the same number of retirees may get the hike in fitment factor and minimum pay beyond the recommendations of 7th pay commission. Its been so long that this matter has been dragged. The good news is that the wait seems to end soon. According to the media sources, in the next 3 days, all the employees and retirees will get the hike in their salary and pension respectively.

What and When is this good news going to strike?

As per the reports and word spreading across media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to announce the minimum pay hike and fitment factor increment during his Independence day speech on 15th August 2018. This announcement will increase the salary and pension beyond the recommendation of the seventh pay commission. After the announcement the salary will be increased by Rs. 8,000 and fitment factor will touch 3.68 times. All the employees and pensioners are desperately waiting for this announcement.
After this act, the minimum salary for a Central government employee will reach Rs 26,000.

What else is new in 7th pay commission?

Meanwhile, the All India Station Masters’ Association (AISMA) has called for a 24-hour strike on Saturday. This strike as reported is alleged because of the discrimination in the implementation of the Seventh pay commission (7th CPC) by the government.
This evidently, came just after a few days when the Maharashtra government announced the pay hike for state employees from January 2019 under 7th pay commission.
Not only this the Haryana government has also been busy. It came to the news that Haryana government has approved the pay scale recommendations to the teaching and non-teaching staff working in government colleges and government aided colleges.
Well! This is not all. Other states have also been busy providing the benefits of 7th pay commission to their employees. These states include Bihar, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.
Coming to the next big update, as per the reports the announcement has been made that the employees and pensioners are soon going to get a hike in their dearness allowance (DA). This is really a good news for all the employees who have been waiting for a decision from the central government regarding their minimum pay hike under 7th CPC.
According to what media has been suggesting, the wait for minimum pay hike beyond the recommendations of 7th pay commission might come to end this Independence Day.

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