5 Years of Modi Sarkar : A mini report on BJP’s progress before 2019 elections

Just before 2019 elections and completion of full 5 years of BJP Sarkar, we have prepared a mini report to reflect upon progress seen and failures realised in past five years. It is time to take a look whether BJP government kept its promises that were noted in election manifesto 5 years back.

In 2014 manifesto, BJP listed around 50-major promises that detailed 600 sub-promises. Some of them included political promises like Ayodhaya issue and others like initiating clean India movement.
Let us roll back to see some of the promises that were fulfilled, fully or partially and the ones that remains incomplete during BJP rule before proceeding towards next elections.


BJP promised to convert business and bank related transaction in digital way. System errors and time consuming along with corruption in every level were major issues that kept back many traders and small business owners.
Status: In progress. The system of online taxation and internet banking are slowly converting online that has reduced troubles for many people who earlier had to stand in long queues for days to file their quarterly and yearly tax returns. Even, the online registration of ADHAR, PAN, Passport etc. have made public lives easier than ever before. New systems dealing with major projects like construction permits and housing loans is on its progression that will reduce the time and amount of paper work for getting a permit and loans.

Control in price hike

BJP promised to stabilise prices as rise in commodity prices was major issue faced during previous government rule. The BJP’s even promised to take strict action against artificial deficit created and special courts that could stop black marketing and hoarding.
Status: Somehow satisfied. Although the prices of commodities are not seen reducing or have been reduced in past few years, the inflation rate has been kept under control during Modi Sarkar. Under the Department of Agriculture, Price Stabilisation Fund was set up in 2014-15. This fund was later transferred to Department of Consumer Affairs later in 2016.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao movement

BJP government initiated various reforms to save girl child and promised to introduce a National campaign in which every girl child will be educated and given many provisions.
Status: Successful. The campaign, as promised was launched and Narendra Modi along with many other ministers themselves promoted Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign passionately.

FDI in India

Modi Sarkar promised in his early years to bar FDI in multi-branded retail sector. Although many policy amendments were made in past few years, yet, “no drastic change in the broad character” were seen among direct investments made by foreign companies into Indian retail sector.
Status: Incomplete. 51 percent FDI allowed within multi-branded retail sector during Congress era continued even in Modi Raj. As promised by BJP, this rule did not come to a halt, however, no new FDI’s were allowed in current government.

Institutional reformations

Much awaited social revolution for a good cause brewed in India under Jan Dhana Yojana policy for Aadhar Biometric Identification, financial inclusion and mobile telecommunications. Where Adhar became strong biometric identification system, financial inclusion scheme i.e. Jana Dhana Yojana made many service sectors like insurance, banking and remittance available to every single Indian at minimal costs.
Status: Completed. Until 16th of August 2017, as much as 295 million new bank accounts were opened under PMJDY scheme in which more then 176 million accounts belonged to rural India and 145 million accounts being operated by women. Even, the number of mobile phone users have increased over 1 billion in India. Further, plans are been made to implement 5G services for Indian subscribers within 2020.

Supporting Acid Attack victims

BJP promised setting a Welfare fund especially for Acid Attack victims so that their medical treatment is done properly. The fund would support initial treatment and cosmetic surgeries for reconstruction of lost figure of the victims.
Status: Fulfilled. A Welfare fund has been created by BJP government, only the name of that fund has been modified what was promised earlier. In 2014, from ‘Nirbhaya’ Fund a CVCF (Central Victim Compensation Fund) was introduced by BJP government with an initial fund of Rs 200 crore. This fund supports victims who suffered human trafficking, rape, acid attacked or women being injured or killed in cross border fighting. Along with it, Rs 1 lakh will be provided to those victims from Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

Development in Rural Areas

The globalisation of production systems and increased urbanisation have changed the scenario of rural areas completely. Developments seen in rural areas within last five years included increased concern for land utilisation, imparting proper education and healthcare systems.
Status: In progress. Many changes have been seen in past few years especially in education system where around 97% of children aged between 6-14 years have been enrolled in private and government schools. Tourism in India has also been given a strong boost and ‘Statue of Unity’ is one of the significant examples of it. Many schemes like MGNREGA, BHARAT NIRMAN, and DIKSHA is helping in improvising people confidence and standard of living along with boosting small-scale industries.

Development in Research and Military

Military research has not been developed as promised by Modi government as we cannot see much progression and advancement as hoped from our current Prime Minister. Although Prithvi Battlefield looks much similar to that of US Tactical Missile System, still it shows fewer flexible features. To combat during emergency situations, the defence systems should be more advanced and integrated with new features like integrated surveillance.
Status: Incomplete. With a preliminary budget of $ 100 billion only for making a purchase of defence tools, we expect much more than what we actually got. With such a whooping amount for modernising military, India could have started its own manufacturing unit instead of outsourcing them from outsiders.

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