Here Are The Essential Tail Light Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Tail Light Maintenance

Tail lights constitute one of the essential components of your vehicle. The tail lighting system of the car is a group of different lights that perform various functions. 

  • Reverse lights in the tail lights assembly help you to light up the back of the car when you reverse for parking. You are merely required to switch on the reverse gear to turn them on. 
  • Another part of the tail light assembly is the turn lights. These yellow lights signal the direction that you are likely to take while driving during the night. These lights could also be used during an emergency as a hazard light. 

The importance of tail light assembly is overlooked by many people; however, tail lights play a key role when it comes to a safe driving experience. As these lights are used now and then, they are prone to damages. Broken tail light cover, damaged bulb, fractures, and burns are the common examples that demand a tail light repair. Some instances may even call for tail light replacement where you need to replace the existing lights with the new one. If it’s a luxury car, the price of the tail light may startle you. But you can always buy from an auto part website to get discounts. 

Repairing and replacing the tail light assembly is a part of maintaining your vehicle. At the same time, you must acknowledge that tail light assembly needs regular inspection and maintenance to perform well. 

We have listed down some tips using which you can maintain the tail light system of your car and extend its shelf-life. 

  • The damages and defects in the bulbs may call for removal. While some bulbs of the tail light system are easy to remove and replace, others are not. Instead of pulling these bulbs directly, you must rotate and remove them. 
  • Burns and fractures are the common problems that your tail lights may fall prey to. Inspect the filament of the tail light timely, and change it immediately when it bursts. If you do not change the filament or replace the old bulb with a new one on time, the entire tail light system may blow up. 
  • We advise you to regularly inspect all the electrical connections to check whether the tail light assembly is functioning well or not. A regular inspection of this area will help you detect all the tail light damages and defects on time. When you repair everything on time, the performance of the tail light system is improved remarkably. 
  • If you want to make the tail light system more intense, you can replace the single-filament bulbs with high-power bulbs. The high-power bulbs will provide you brighter lights to drive. 

Cleaning the tail lights: 

Apart from checking for damages, defects, and changing the bulbs of your tail light system, we also recommend cleaning the tail light assembly at regular intervals. The process of cleaning tail lights assembly is very easy-going. Remove the taillights and cleanse them from inside and out. You can use a degreaser to get rid of the grime present on the bulbs. 

Once you are done cleaning the lights thoroughly, wipe them and dry them before installing them in the system. Do not install wet tail lights. You may as well wash these lights from time to time using water if the dirt or grime keeps on accumulating now and then. 

If you do not want to clean your tail lights very often, you can seal your tail light system with sealant tape. A plumber’s tape is a common choice to perform this step. Sealing the lights with the tape does not let the dirt collect on your tail lights assembly. You can replace and re-layer the tape from time to time. 


Keeping a check on the tail light system of your car is essential if you are a night driver. The above-listed maintenance and cleaning tips will ensure that the tail light assembly remains in the best condition. 

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