Why Do We Need To Meditate?

Meditation has become very popular. Lots of celebrities endorse it, it is taught in the army and even you, might have had an interest towards it.
But why we need to meditate is to take a closer look at our mind. Every one’s mind is unique. We all have different thoughts. However, we will all equally share an ACTIVE mind.
Try to sit still for 1 minute, with eyes closed, and you’ll hear thoughts entering. Like a child holding a Bubble Blower Toy, one by one these thoughts will come in from the brain. Like those bubbles, some thoughts will be light and wander away up into the air, some might be heavy and *pop*. Unlike the child who needs to buy a refill, our brain produces thoughts non stop.
Don’t worry if this sounds scary or negative to you. This is normal. The basic nature of the mind is to produce thoughts.
So, now that we’ve taken a closer look at the way our mind behaves. What’s next? Well, we now should understand the importance of giving an active mind some space. In simple words, we need the child to take a break from those bubbles, come back in 10 minutes and then, continue to joyfully play and pop them. This is called spaciousness. We need space between two thoughts and through meditation, we will be able to get some time to breathe, find our center and enjoy the qualities of a calmer mind.
Let’s look at 1 simple meditation technique that can both, teach you about your mind, and help you find some spaciousness:


Before you close your eyes, imagine a small speck of light. Let it be a positive light, let it awaken the feeling of ease, comfort and warmth.
Close your eyes and see it fill your chest.
Inhale and exhale 5 times, keeping the light in the chest.
Now, imagine it’s moving to the rest of your body. First up it travels up from your chest towards your neck, shoulders and finally head and then, back to the chest to the rest of your body, all the way down to your toes.
Open your eyes. Don’t you feel a lot calmer?
Do this only once a day and you’ll see that when you’re engaged in this calming activity, thoughts will reduce. And your body will be more relaxed.
Practice this just once or twice a day.
Why this works: By doing this, you will enjoy the benefits of calmness between two thoughts. Because you’re focusing on passing the light around your body, your mind is free to only focus on that. The mind isn’t wandering or going outside the room. No, it’s only focusing on visualization. Even if you lose focus and get distracted, gently guide your mind back to the light of positivity.
This is why meditation is so popular, it helps us to get in touch with our mind. A powerful, robust, challenging, yet life changing machine is what I like to call, the mind. We can let thoughts clog and clutter the mind or we can tame it and maximise it’s potential. This is why we need meditation.

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