What to Expect From Your First Weed Experience

What to Expect From Your First Weed Experience

Not everyone experimented with cannabis in college or dabbled with dope as a young adult. For whatever reason, you have waited to try weed — and that’s fine! Now that you are a bit more settled in life, and now that marijuana is legal where you live, you are finally interested in picking up some pot to see what the fuss is about.

However, before you take your first toke, you should set your expectations for the experience appropriately. The media doesn’t do a good job of explaining what cannabis consumption looks or feels like; any stoner will tell you that getting high in real life isn’t at all like what you see in movies or on TV. If you have more realistic expectations for your first time toking, you are more likely to have a positive association with pot.

You Might Not Get High

The first time you use weed, your emotions are likely to be running high, but that doesn’t mean you are more likely to feel cannabis-high. In fact, a surprising number of first-time users don’t feel any effects from the drug, and this reaction might continue for a few more cannabis encounters.

Despite the conventional wisdom involving cannabis tolerance — that the more you use it, the less sensitive you will be to it — research has found that some users need a sensitization period right when they first start consuming cannabis for the body to learn how to manifest the right effects. During your first 420 session, if you notice that you aren’t experiencing any altered state, you shouldn’t rush to take a higher dose. Instead, you should recognize that maybe this won’t be your first time getting high and try again another day.

You Might Get Too High

Then again, you shouldn’t necessarily expect that you won’t get high. It is all too possible that you will get too high, resulting in a horrible cannabis experience. This is especially likely if you try to take a larger dose to speed up or intensify your effects.

A cannabis overdose isn’t inherently dangerous. Unlike other psychoactive substances, a THC overdose won’t kill you or cause you lasting physical injury. However, that doesn’t make an overdose any more pleasant. Getting too high results in much more intense effects: Instead of feeling hungry, you are likely to feel nauseous and even experience persistent vomiting; instead of feeling euphoric and a bit confused, you could become paranoid or severely panicked.

Deaths associated with cannabis are most often truly the result of tragic accidents, which you can easily avoid. For example, you should try not to get high near bodies of water, and you should certainly never operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Having a sober friend supervise your first stoner session is a good way to keep yourself out of trouble, even if you do take a higher dose than intended. Your friend will also be able to help keep your emotions under control, so you have a fun and positive experience instead of a dour one.

Additionally, it might help to have some materials on hand to keep your cannabis high under control. Though research cannot yet confirm or deny the veracity of these claims, conventional stoner wisdom says that you can do this if you are feeling too high:

  • Take a Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  • Take some CBD. CBD is thought to work with THC to make a high less intense.
  • Try black pepper, lemon or pine nuts. These smells and tastes seem to combat the worst effects of a cannabis overdose, like panic and nausea.
  • Drink water.
  • Take a walk. Or, you can do something else that will get your mind off your mental and physical state.

You Will Probably Feel High Like This

If you go to the trouble of visiting a Phoenix dispensary, buying legal bud and consuming it properly, you probably can avoid either of the two scenarios explained above. Most likely, you will feel your muscles and mind relax, your stress and tension melt away. Slowly, you will feel a contentment, even a bliss start to overcome you. You might feel energized and a bit more creative than usual; you might feel sleepy and doze off. Depending on the size of your dose and your method of use, the effects should wear off in a couple hours, leaving you clear-headed if a bit hungry.

It isn’t just lifelong stoners who are excited by cannabis legalization. Plenty of people who have never tried pot are interested in their first weed experience, now that the substance is fully legal. Having the right expectations about cannabis will ensure your first time goes great, so you should spend some time learning more about what weed does before you consume.

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