What Exactly Is Aerial Yoga, and What Are Its Advantages?

What Exactly Is Aerial Yoga, and What Are Its Advantages

There are a lot of people who haven’t been able to stick to their new years’ resolution of getting into shape. Whether it is due to a lackluster routine or hitting the gym simply feels stressful; people are often quick to give up on their goals.

Enter aerial yoga, a form of yoga that keeps you healthy and active while helping you reach your goal of getting in shape. This form of yoga may be just what you needed to light your fire once again. In this article, we will explore what aerial yoga is and what fruitful benefits it bears for our lives.

What Exactly is Aerial Yoga?

Yoga and its practices have been around for a long time and are recognized as one of the best alternatives to hitting the gym. Like exercising in a gym, yoga is just as good for staying in shape and relieving stress from our day-to-day life experiences.

With yoga being such a popular activity for many centuries, it is no surprise that the activity has evolved into different variations as time evolved. One such variant of yoga is aerial yoga.

As the name suggests, aerial yoga is similar to, and a product of traditional yoga. The big difference between the two is the fact that in aerial yoga, your body is suspended in mid-air.

This is done by supporting your body with a hammock or a yoga trapeze. Aerial yoga is great for starting out and offers all the benefits of traditional yoga and even more as we will find out below.

What are the Benefits of Aerial Yoga?

As mentioned earlier, along with the usual benefits of yoga, aerial yoga adds a few of its own into the mix, making it even more appealing. These benefits can be summarized into three categories, they are mental benefits, health benefits, and physical fitness benefits.

1. The Mental Benefits

  • The first and the most obvious of the advantages is that aerial yoga can be an excellent stress-relieving agent.
  • As we pass by each day, we rarely get time to check on ourselves. This slowly deteriorates your mental state and if you do not pay attention to the signs, you may have to face insomnia, anxiety, and depression as well. With aerial yoga, you can fight against these negativities inside your mind.
  • As yoga is known for being peaceful and easing your mind into a meditative state, it is proven to be highly capable of cleansing your mind and completely rebooting your mental systems. Hence, with aerial yoga, depression and anxiety can be tackled right to the core.
  • Aerial yoga requires you to be upside down for a long while. This helps to increase the blood that flows into your brain and in the process, feeds it more oxygen.
  • Your brain stays highly active and works to its peak efficiency as a result. This increases your focus and ability to think properly and quickly in any situation. It can also lead to life being more enjoyable as a stronger brain equals a stronger mind which means its defenses are capable of keeping mental health issues at bay.

2. The Health Benefits

Adding yoga to your fitness routine will also have some health-related incentives. Aerial yoga will improve your blood circulation and helps in preventing cardiovascular and heart diseases.

Additionally, it helps with combating all the problems that come with age and improves all body systems. This includes the speeding of the digestive system and detoxifying your lymphatic systems.

With all the inversions, comes the benefit of decompressing your spine and returning it to its natural position. Aerial Yoga also helps with strengthening your back and hips so you can forget about those irritations and enjoy life to the fullest.

Furthermore, with a few sessions in, you will start to realize that you have become more stable and can maintain your posture without facing any backlash. These are especially helpful as we get older since stability is the key to avoiding tragic accidents.

3. The Fitness Benefits

  • Aerial yoga is also a form of exercise and comes with great fitness results provided you put in the effort. The activity demands all your muscles to be active and challenged so you will see that your core is getting stronger and your muscles are gradually getting toned.
  • On top of that, as you keep going you will realize that you are now able to do much more than you could previously. Your body becomes more flexible and durable, allowing you to move faster.
  • The activity is also great for increasing lung capacity and controlling the breath.
  • Aerial yoga is also great for burning calories and losing weight. Just maintain a good diet alongside your daily yoga sessions and you will soon start to see results.
  • With a lot of sports and workouts, there are often complaints that a portion of the body is neglected. In contrast, aerial yoga forces the best of the upper body and lower body to be brought out.

In Conclusion

Aerial Yoga is the perfect option to start your adventure into the world of fitness, whether it be mental or physical. Since yoga is a tranquil and relaxing process, training your body and mind with these sessions will make you live a happier life overall.

Although it may be a bit difficult in the beginning, the benefits far outweigh the little issues. We hope that this article has been able to convince you to try out aerial yoga and we wish you good luck in making yourself a better person overall.

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