7 Ways to Tackle Dry Skin This Winter

Who doesn’t love to flaunt a gorgeous skin to compliment the soft colors of winter? But dry skin surely poses as a barrier to that flawless, ethereal look of ours. When the winter weather drops in, it snatches away the hydration and moisture from our skin. It leaves it with a longing for a healthy skin care regimen that can revive its glow and rejuvenate its youth. 

The problem with dry skin during winter is not simply about the dull and lifeless look. The harsh winter winds damage the texture of the skin severely and leave it with cracks. When the season dawns, it is crucial to accommodate a few winter skin care tips into your routine to make sure your skin looks fabulous.

These tips will help you overcome the dry skin problem effortlessly. 


When you bid adieu to the dry and lifeless skin on top, you are paving way for new, young, and gorgeous layers from within to take its place. Exfoliation helps eliminate the dry and rough dead skin cells and rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. A key point to keep in mind when the following exfoliation during winter is to keep it regular, but not too often. 

Use mild exfoliants, preferably home remedies, to ensure you do not aggravate your skin. Also, apply ample moisturizing creams and serums immediately post the routine. This step is incredibly useful because the skin is fresh and exposed at this point, and moisturization will seep in deep into your skin at the moment to last longer. 

Choose home remedies over chemicals: 

If you have a range of skincare creams added to your cart, I suggest you trash them and go the natural way. Your skin is particularly sensitive and prone to damage during winter. 

While skincare products do promise to take care of it, the presence of alcohol-based solvents and other chemicals usually does more damage than good to your skin at this point. While it doesn’t mean you have to stay completely clear of these products, including a wide range of home remedies to care for your skin will be extremely beneficial. 

From simple scrub to moisturizing baths, try including your common kitchen ingredients such as milk, honey, coffee, essential oils that offer amazing benefits to your skin. 

Change what you eat: 

Your skin always reflects your overall health. Hence if you want your skin to reflect glow and color during winter, your diet should be able to provide the necessary nutrients for the same. The connection between your gut and skin is known to all, and good skin health is possible through a good diet. 

Increase the intake of healthy foods with oil, such as nuts, seeds, fish that help to deliver moisture to the skin internally. You can also consume wine, which can contribute antioxidants to boost beautiful skin. 

Avoid foods filled with caffeine or too much alcohol content to avoid dehydration. You must be on top of your hydration game. Drink enough water at regular intervals and eat fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Create a moisturizing environment: 

While you cannot control your environment outside, you can create a rather comfortable environment for your skin in your house. Invest in a good humidifier for your home. Winter winds are dry and snatch away the hydration and moisture from your skin. Humidifiers help draw moisture into the atmosphere, which can be beneficial for your skin. 

Similarly, skip long, hot showers during winter. Shower time feels warm and comfortable during this season. But hot showers dry up the skin further and hence can cause a lot of damage. 

Similarly, taking long showers will drain away all the moisture from your skin. Keep your baths small and try to add a few drops of essential oils that help bring some moisture to your skin immediately while in shower. 

Pick the right fabrics: 

Just like your skincare routine, the fabrics will also influence the health of your skin. Beautiful woolen clothing seems like the perfect choice to compliment the chilly winds of winter. But woolen and synthetic fabrics are quite harsh on the skin and tend to cause problems such as rashes. 

Hence try layering rather than looking for heat-trapping materials. Always choose a good cotton piece to wear in the innermost layer immediately in contact with your skin. You can add more layers to the top with other clothing such as jackets, sweaters of any fabrics. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics to stay in touch with your skin. 

Switch for unscented, alcohol-free makeup and cosmetics: 

Your winter skin needs hydration and moisture to look gorgeous. Hence pick products that can offer these benefits. When it comes to choosing to make up, look for oil-based rather than dry to get the best look. 

Dry products will leave your skin looking patchy and dull. Oil make-up will soothe your skin and gives it a rather even look. Also, when it comes to skincare products completely get rid of alcohol-based products. From toner to make up remover, eliminate anything that contains alcohol. 

Switch for cream-based products as they contain oils that will help add moisture to your skin. Hunt down products with natural oils to enhance your skin benefits. Use oil skin solution types of products to compliment your skin type. These products support your skin along with providing you the best look for the season. 

Choose heavy creams: 

If you aim to retain moisture in your skin, your regular creams may not have the texture capacity to hold this. Hence switch to a heavier cream to add hydration and moisture and help retain it well. 

Try moisturizing immediately post-shower to help deliver most coverage to your skin. Add serums to your routine that promise the best results even when used in small amounts. Add a few drops of essential oils to your cream to add a layer of extra moisture. 

These simple tips will help you tackle dry and rough skin this winter with ease and let you enjoy gorgeous skin through the season. 

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