Want to Improve Your Masculinity? Here’s How

Want to Improve Your Masculinity 1

If you don’t feel like a man, then you need to take action.  Many people’s lives are spent indoors, gaming, and online. This is partially why so many men feel effeminate. In the past, men worked outdoors with their hands. Now it’s more convenient, safer, and more lucrative to work in front of a computer all day. However, working in front of a computer means men don’t exercise as much and aren’t as fit, and as a consequence, aren’t as masculine.

If you feel emasculated, then there are solutions available to you. This post will tell you what they are, so you can make a change for the better.

Testosterone Supplements

A lot of men don’t feel masculine because they don’t have a lot of testosterone. Testosterone naturally decreases with age. However, some young people have the testosterone levels of a 50-year-old because they don’t go outside, exercise, and don’t eat healthily. If you are somebody who feels tired all of the time (and isn’t very confident) then it could be due to a testosterone imbalance. Taking testosterone supplements could potentially help you to feel happier, more energetic, and more masculine. Such supplements are widely available and very safe.

Challenge Yourself

If you want to be more masculine, then challenge yourself. A lot of people today are quite content sitting around doing nothing, never pushing themselves to their limits. Being masculine is all about pushing oneself past what’s comfortable and uncharted territory. When you are challenging and pushing yourself, it is important that you are confident, bold, and brave. It’s normal to be scared when leaving one’s comfort zone, but in spite of your fear, you need to push on and be a confident person.

Start Exercising

One way of challenging yourself is to start going to the gym. A lot of people do not like going to the gym, because they do not like being surrounded by other people, and fear that they are watching them when they are exercising. Hardly anybody is going to pay any attention to you in the gym, and 9/10 people are thinking the same thing as you. Pushing yourself and going to the gym is a good way of getting out of your shell and getting in shape. Exercise can help to naturally increase the body’s testosterone levels.

Be More Confident

Confidence is essential. Unfortunately, very few men are confident today. Instead, they are nervous, anxious, and unsure of themselves. The main reason that so many men suffer from a lack of confidence, experts believe, is inexperience. Very few men have ever actually lived. Most men’s lives have been spent in more or less complete comfort, playing games, and being surrounded by their families. They have never had to go outside and fight for themselves or their loved ones. However, you do not need to go out and fight to be confident, you just need to be sure of yourself, bold, and positive.

Grow a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t going to make you more masculine if you don’t change your behavior and attitude toward life. However, growing a beard can make you feel more masculine. Your sense of being is inextricably tied to your self-image. If you feel that you are more masculine, then you will become more. Unfortunately, a lot of men can’t grow beards. If you are one such individual, then you might want to do something else, like growing your hair long. Growing one’s hair long was, in the past, a sign of independence, an indication that an individual was ‘dropping out’ of society. Long hair was associated with very masculine men.

Make Friends

If you are isolated, alone, and don’t have any friends, then you won’t ever have much of a reason to go outside and participate in outdoor activities (unless you really push yourself, which is recommended). However, if you make friends, then you will be able to go outside and do things with them. One way of making friends is to join a sports club. Another is to just start networking at work or even at school, introducing yourself to people, and putting yourself out there.

Think Positively

Finally, think positively. The most masculine men are comfortable in themselves, positive, and confident. In order to be more confident, you need to be positive. When you are more positive, it is unlikely that you will succumb to anxieties or fears, because you will be able to see that that’s what they are.

Becoming more masculine isn’t as hard as it might seem. In fact, if you follow this post’s advice, then you will be more masculine in no time. Make sure to be confident, outgoing, and sure of yourself. All of these things are tenets of masculinity.

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