Vitamins- Why are they Vital?

We all keep hearing the same thing again and again that our body needs vitamins. They are an indispensable part of our balanced diet. However, do we need to take vitamin pills to suffice our daily vitamin requirement? Let us find it out.
When does your doctor prescribe you with a vitamin pill?
Usually, if you talk about the vitamin pills prescription, your doctor advise you to take the vitamin pills only in case of medical conditions. Say for example you are carrying a baby. It becomes essential for you to make a switch to the vitamin pills mainly the prenatal vitamin supplement which contains folic acid.
What are these vitamins?
To stay fit and alive, we need a balanced diet. Our balanced diet consists of macronutrients as well as the micronutrients. The carbs, fats and the proteins constitute the macronutrients of our balanced diet. On the other hand, the micronutrients make up only a minimal amount of our balanced diet as they are required in small amounts. The small quantity of the micronutrients holds many calibers to accomplish essential tasks of our body. Vitamins constitute the micronutrients in our balanced diet. Vitamins radically are bifurcated under two categories of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K are the fat-soluble vitamins while the vitamins B and C are water-soluble vitamins.
Vitamins are those micronutrients which the body cannot produce and hence to suffice the daily vitamin requirement; the body must obtain the same from an external source. These vitamins are nothing but organic molecules. Chemically the vitamin consists of carbon and other atoms linked to each other.
Remember, when your doctor prescribes you with a multivitamin next time, it is a combination of minerals and vitamins. Besides these two essential micronutrients, the multi-vitamins contain other binding agents too.
Having extra vitamin is beneficiary to our body?
First of all, if you are getting sufficient amount of vitamins from your daily food, there is no need to consume an extra vitamin pill unnecessarily. It thus follows anything taken in excess than required has a natural tendency to harm the consumer. Similarly, say for example if you consume too much of the vitamin A. Over consumption of the vitamin A can lead to smoker’s risk of the lung cancer.
Secondly, you may say that the studies conducted on vitamins are tricky to some extent. Say, for example, a person eating carrots is healthier than a non-carrot consumer. However, this observation does not justify the fact that the former person is more robust due to the vitamin A content of the carrot. It might be due to some other content of the carrot or the way in which the vitamin A interacts with other nutrients.
What if I need a vitamin pill to accomplish my daily vitamin requirement?
Your body might be deficient in either of the vitamins. Some of us do have vitamin deficiency due to the lack of adequate vitamin source in our diet. The scarcity of the vitamins may make you feel dull, sluggish or tired. However, before starting any vitamin pill, it is advisable to have a check-up with your medical practitioner.
Some of the most common vitamin deficiencies are as follows:
Vitamin K: The Vitamin K is a conglomeration of compounds, the most important of which are the Vitamins K1 and K2. The sole contributors of the Vitamin K1 are the green leafy vegetables and some other veggies, while the Vitamin K2 comes from the eggs, meat and the cheese. As we all know, vitamin K plays an active role in preventing the excessive blood loss and facilitating the process of blood clotting. When you have an extreme deficiency of Vitamin K, your natural tendency to clot the blood is affected and your medical practitioner prescribes you with a vitamin K pill.
Vitamin B12: The next vitamin to show the higher chances of deficiency is the vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 holds importance in nerve and brain functioning as well as the blood formation. Vitamin B12 is abundantly found in dairy products. However, if your body lacks the presence of the protein named as the intrinsic factor, the vitamin B12 absorption may be disrupted. Vitamin B12 gives rise to the condition of the megaloblastic anemia. Megaloblastic anemia is a condition wherein the red blood corpuscles become enlarged than their regular size.
Vitamin D: Vitamin D synthesis initiated when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike your dermal layer. This is the reason why your doctor asks you to walk under the morning sun. Vitamin D is popularly known as the ‘The sunshine vitamin.’ Some of the beneficiary effects of the Vitamin D include bone growth, absorption of calcium in the gut, inflammation reduction, gene modulation, immune system functioning. When you are prone to vitamin D deficiency, you are at risk of rickets, delayed growth, bone loss and the weakness of muscles.
This was all about why the vitamins are vital. Eat healthily and stay healthy.

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