Top Ways to Handle Fatigue Due to Diarrhea

Top Ways to Handle Fatigue Due to Diarrhea

After diarrhea, you will have a lingering feeling making you fatigued. Your body needs support to get back its energy so that you can do your normal activities. Why does diarrhea make you tired? The primary reason why diarrhea leads to fatigue is dehydration.

As you get dehydrated, the blood volume will decrease, making you feel fatigued. Mild dehydration can make you feel lethargic as your heart has to work overtime. Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that the imbalance that occurs in the gut area is also probably a sign of fatigue.

How to reduce fatigue after diarrhea?

There are a variety of ways to get rid of fatigue after diarrhea. You must find out reasons for chronic fatigue and diarrhea.

Stay hydrated

The most important thing you must remember during the diarrhea is to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Water is not the only source of hydration. You can also depend on other sources of hydration, such as coconut water, homemade soups, or any electrolyte drink that makes you feel better. Feeling nauseous, people will find it more challenging to gulp liquids down. Hence, they should start with small sips throughout the day. You do not have to consume huge amounts of fluid at once but can take small sips throughout the day.

Consume probiotics

Probiotic supplements can help you get back the good bacteria in your gut which will control diarrhea. Probiotic foods include yogurt. Some medical experts might also suggest a probiotic supplement as a good alternative. However, consulting with your medical expert is very important before you start your probiotics to understand the dosage.

Eat healthy

Even if you are not feeling hungry, you need to eat food that is dense in nutrients to help you fight fatigue during diarrhea. Try consuming vegetable soup or stews because it is an excellent option to give you the necessary energy. After the diarrhea is over, you can have a regular diet. Even then, it would help if you consumed a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy fat, and a good source of protein.

You must know that diarrhea is nothing but your body’s reaction to getting rid of unwanted microorganisms in the gut area. Your body tries to protect itself by flushing out unwanted organisms from the digestive system; as such many diarrhea relief products will interrupt the natural process of flushing.

This will slow down diarrhea or reduce the loose motions, but it will keep the microorganism in your body. However, if you take probiotics, they will give you good bacteria in the gut area to improve the digestive system.

You may even talk to a wellness advisor at or a nutritionist to understand your diet during diarrhea so you do not face fatigue. Many people find it challenging to return to work even after the diarrhea is over because of chronic fatigue symptoms. As such, if you try to keep yourself hydrated and continue having nutritious food, then you can immediately join work after recovering from diarrhea.

Eat healthy to keep your gut healthy!

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