Top Balance Board Exercises You Should try Today

Top Balance Board Exercises You Should try Today

Studies show that exercise not only improves the physical health of an individual but also their mental health. Incorporating exercise into your weekly routine can have tremendous benefits. The main thing that motivates most people to exercise is that it gives them an enormous sense of well-being and removes a few years off their body.  

Exercise is a powerful medicine for common mental challenges like depression and anxiety. It relieves stress, improves memory and sleep, and leaves you feeling energetic all day long. Regular exercise can have a powerful positive impact on the general well-being of an individual. People who are just starting out on exercising can use balance boards because they are best for both beginners and athletes. If keeping fit is your thing, you can also select from many sports and fitness equipment to ensure you keep those muscles tight. 

Some of the top balance board exercises you should try are listed below.


Squatting is a strength training exercise that involves the muscles in the lower body. The most targeted muscles with this exercise are quads, hamstrings, glutes, core and the posterior muscles. It is usually done by having feet shoulder-width apart, and then going down as if you want to take a seat before rising up again and repeating the exercise.

With a balance board however, you will have to stand with feet shoulder-width apart on the board. To maintain your balance, stretch your hands straight in front of you. With your head held high, try sitting on the imaginary chair with your back straight. Once your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees over your feet, press back up slowly to a standing position and repeat. 

All the body weight during a squat exercise are usually projected to the heels, therefore, always ensure you squat the right way and wear comfortable shoes to avoid causing injuries to the heels. 


Lunges, just like squats also target the lower body specifically the calves, quads, hips, glutes and hamstrings. Lunges involve positioning one leg in front of the other with a knee bent and feet flat on the ground. 

Begin by standing upright with the balance board in front of you. Have your feet shoulder width apart and step forward onto the balance board with your right foot, gently moving your body forward. Carefully shift your body weight onto your right thigh until it is parallel to the floor. Ensure your back is straight and upright.

As you push your entire body forward, bend your left leg until your knee can touch the floor. Slowly get back up, this time shifting your body weight on your right heel until you return back to the starting position. Repeat these steps with the left foot forward. Lunges are responsible for toning flabby thighs.  


Push-up is a common core exercise that mostly targets the arms and mid-section. If you need surf board abs, push-ups should be one of your friends. It is usually done in prone position and it is one of the exercises that use body weight during execution.

Start by holding either side of the balance board with arms slightly wider than shoulder-width. With feet also slightly apart from each other for enough comfort and stability, ensure your body forms a straight line. Keep your shoulders slightly bent and head straight forward. Once you achieve this position, slowly lower yourself as low as you can go. 

If you can go down until your arms form a 90-degree angle then that would be perfect. If not, only go as low as you comfortably can. Pause for a moment before pushing yourself back up to the starting position then repeat. You should be able to feel the impact on your arms and abdomen. 

Declined pushups

If you desire to build strong upper body muscles using nothing but your body weight then decline pushup is a perfect fit for you. This movement targets your upper arms and shoulders while also working your mid-section as it builds upper-body strength. 

With your hands on the floor, either in a fist or flat, put your feet slightly apart from each other on the balance board, adjusting until you feel comfortable enough.  Form a straight line with your body without your butt sticking up. Keep your head straight forward and bend your elbows slightly.

Once you achieve this position, begin to lower yourself as far as you can go, pausing for a few seconds before you push yourself  back up to the starting position and repeating the process. 

Calf raises

Of all the muscle groups that you seek to build, the calves are among the toughest, they are what most fitness gurus call the problem areas. Calf raises target the calf muscles, like the achilles, tendon and soleus. It ensures the meat around your calves are burnt and turned into muscles to give your feet a beautiful look and feel. 

To do a calf raise, start in the standing position with your feet toward one end of the balance board. Ensure you are comfortable in the standing position before you begin. Place the board near a wall to offer you support whenever needed. Slowly shift your weight onto the balls of your feet as if you want to stand on your toes.

Make sure you maintain balance, with your head and back being in a straight line. Pause while in the top position before shifting your weight slowly back to your heels and to the starting position. Repeat as many times as you can, or until you begin feeling the impact on your calves and the back of your legs.

Many people think that balance board exercises are not for them because they have a problem balancing and coordinating. The truth is that, balance board exercises have well established benefits and everyone needs to try it out, whether you are an amateur or an athlete. Balance boards not only improve balance and coordination but also core strength, sports performance, and muscular integration. Balance boards are easy to use, that even the most inexperienced and beginners in the exercise world can hack.

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