Tips for Scheduling Your First Visit to the On-Base Doctor

base doctor

It may be difficult to call your MTF (Military Treatment Facility) and schedule an appointment.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Appointment setting, modification, and navigation will become second nature in no time.

If this is your first time visiting a base medical clinic, use this information as a resource.

Find out your Tricare coverage options

  1. Log in to MilConnect to view your current enrollment status.
  2. Select Beneficiary Web Enrollment under the Benefits menu (BWE).
  3. Your Tricare enrollment status and any adjustments you’d like to make to it may be viewed and edited here. Your PCM and MTF are also displayed for your perusal.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Tricare Prime is required to see a doctor on base.
  5. Tricare Prime is a type of Tricare coverage and is typically necessary in order to arrange an appointment on base.

Tricare provides health insurance in a variety of forms.

Find out your insurance policy’s specifics

The reason you’re going to the doctor is not lost on you.

Anytime you feel like you need to see a doctor, whether it’s for a checkup, to talk about your chronic headaches, to fill a prescription, or to see how your wound is healing.

The nature of Tricare Prime is that all visits to on-base doctors at MTFs and all medications prescribed by those doctors are fully covered.

Copayments and deductibles become an issue when you want a doctor’s recommendation to see a specialist.

Not every MTF will have the capacity to treat every condition and disease. Involvement in Tricare will not alter if you are sent to a specialist.

Schedule a meeting time

To meet with your PCM, you can do it in one of two ways.

1. Make a call to the Military Health Care Center (MTF)

Start your search with “[insert base] medical clinic” or “[insert base] medical center,” or dial the number shown in Milconnect to speak with your PCM.

For personal scheduling, it is best to call the main appointment line. The line’s navigation system can be difficult to use at times. Do not let this deter you!

You can reach the appropriate extension or phone number using any of these methods.

Make it clear that you are a dependent in need of a PCM appointment, and you will be directed to the appropriate office.

You probably don’t need to know who your PCM is. In order to meet with your personal care manager (PCM), all you need to do is supply your sponsor’s first and last name and Social Security number.

2. Log in to Tricare

Enter the Tricare Member Portal. You can do things like access your medical history, get prescription refills, and schedule new visits online. Verify which Military Treatment Facility you need to visit before making an appointment. Both your profile and the upper right corner of the page will display this information.

Verify that you have access to the base

Make sure you can make it to your first scheduled appointment on base. For in-person meetings, it’s best to touch base BEFORE the scheduled meeting time. Even if it’s just to get petrol or visit the Stock Exchange (shopping center on base). Make sure you pay your first base visit right away.

Access to some bases is extremely restricted. Before letting you in, they check everyone’s identification. Additionally, some bases just require one legitimate ID per car.

If you want to know if your driver’s license will suffice or if you need a visitor’s pass to enter the base, you should go there at least once before the day of your doctor’s visit. Visit this website to get the verification done.

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