Things that happens to your body when you hold your Pee for too long

Toddlers and infants starts learning how to pee from the moment they come to the outside world. It is our brain that knows and tells us when to go to pee and many of us need to go around 6-7 times a day. With time and learning we start controlling when to go and how long it is required to wait till we reach bathroom. Sometimes we need to wait longer as we may be too busy or lack facilities nearby. Holding pee is not a bad thing until it becomes a habit and it is then it starts arising other problems in our body.
An adult’s bladder is capable of holding roughly 2 cups of water whereas kids can hold only about one fourth of it. Our bladder has got muscles and when it is over loaded, it can affect other things like pelvic floor. Pelvic floor is a muscle that controls whether to keep urine in or not. The more muscle is stretched, the more our brain loses its ability to sense when to go for peeing. And then a time may come when you pee in your pants even!
That would be undoubtably vey embarrassing and thus the only way to avoid such mishap is using the loo more often and whenever required without delay.

Holding pee can even lead to getting UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Almost every woman must have encountered this problem once in her lifetime. These infections cause burning sensation, urge to urinate frequently, pelvic pain and mild fever. But, holding pee is not the only reason behind UTI. If you do not cleanse your bladder thoroughly, your body may breed harmful bacteria’s that can cause UTI and even damage your kidney.

Other infections that occurs due to holding pee causes discomfort while peeing and even expands tissues that holds urine in our body systems.
The more you hold, the more it becomes a habit and thus going to toilet can prove a golden way to prevent yourself from falling under intense situation or getting sick.

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