The A to Z Guide to CBD Dabs: What You Need to Know About Dabbing CBD

cbd dabs

CBD products are nothing new in today’s herb-friendly world. Between infused beauty products and pet-friendly treats, there are endless ways to incorporate CBD into daily life. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, ingesting CBD offers long-lasting impacts. Tasty-infused edibles, tinctures, or capsules are ideal for those who will patiently wait for the effects to kick in. But for many, the instant relief gained by smoking CBD is much more appealing. By inhaling the cannabinoid, your body can absorb the active ingredients quickly and deliver them directly to the bloodstream. For the best results, CBD dabs offer a rich smoking experience and a flavorful hit. 

Unlock all the benefits of CBD with this A to Z guide on CBD Dabs. 

What are CBD dabs? 

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is just one of the cannabinoids derived from hemp. Unlike the well-known compound THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t produce a ‘high’ feeling when ingested. Instead, users can expect relaxing body sensations and a generally calm state of mind. 

In dab form, CBD might appear similar to THC in both color and texture. CBD wax has a golden color and tends to have a more rigid texture than other concentrates. Similarly, CBD shatter is also yellow and has a glass-like texture that is easy to break apart. CBD Budder has a dough-like consistency and is easily separated. The last type of CBD concentrate is crystals, which appear almost like powder and can be dissolved into drinks or food, as well as dabbed. 

Why choose CBD dabs? 

Inhaling vaporized CBD concentrate is the most effective way to consume the cannabinoid because your body absorbs the active ingredient almost immediately. CBD enters the bloodstream through the lungs, unlike edibles which pass active ingredients through the digestive system and take upwards of an hour to take effect. 

Additionally, CBD concentrates are loaded with aromatic terpenes that enhance the smoking experience. Different types of CBD offer various flavors and smells, both of which impact dab outcome. For example, a floral terpene might encourage intense relaxation, while a minty terpene promotes focus. Experimenting with different terpenes in CBD dabs is an exciting way to unlock new uses and preferences.

Equipment you’ll need 

To properly dab CBD, you’ll need to stock up on a few items. Necessary items include a dab nail, torch, and of course, a dab rig. Dab nails are small chambers used to vaporize the concentrate, and they come in a variety of shapes and materials. Titanium and quartz nails are both heat-resistant and durable, so you won’t have to bring out the broom after a fumble or two. 

Next, you’ll need a dab rig. Between unique hand-made pieces and discreet mini versions, there are thousands of different dab rigs on the market. To find the proper rig for you, consider your lifestyle and needs. For those CBD dabbers on the go, electric rigs are perfect for road trips and outdoor excursions. If you tend to be a little clumsy, silicone rigs are drop-friendly and visually appealing. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know where to start, read the MJ Arsenal Guide to Dab Rigs for more insider information on finding your perfect match. 

What to expect

CBD dabs offer the same benefits as other infused products at an increased potency. Depending on the dab size and dosage, you can expect immediate impacts that last a shorter amount of time. While oral CBD products often last up to seven hours, the effects of CBD dabs only last about three hours. Although the impacts don’t last as long, the amount of CBD required for an intense result is smaller. So you’ll use less CBD concentrates to achieve the same contentment. 

How to dab CBD

Once you’ve acquired all the goods to vaporize CBD and purchased a reliable concentrate, it’s time to get dabbing. Start by heating the nail with your trusty torch. CBD concentrates vaporize at a lower temperature than other cannabinoids, usually around 320-356 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve reached the desired temperature, carefully place the concentrate inside the nail. You’ll notice the chamber quickly begin to fill with vapor. You can also stir the concentrate using a metal dab tool if necessary. If you want to enhance the flavor of your CBD concentrate, consider capping the dab nail with a carp cap. The small dab accessory helps trap the heat and restrict airflow. The only thing left to do is inhale and enjoy the results. 

Final thoughts 

Through this A to Z guide, you’ve now gained all the tools to enjoy the benefits of CBD concentrates at their fullest. Start by acquiring your trust dab rig and preferred CBD strain. Then, experiment with different aromatic terpenes and add accessories to your rig for an enhanced experience. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply basking in the immediate relief offered by CBD dabs. However you choose to enjoy cannabidiol concentrates, you won’t regret taking that first step into a new world of CBD appreciation. 

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