India gets geared up for another monsoon that will bring refreshing time for most of the people. Since rain brings relief after growling heat and summer, the first shower often brings joy and happiness among us. But, it can even give thrive to several health-related issues also allergies, viral fever, malaria, etc. This article has been prepared after reviewing tips shared by various Doctors and health professionals to enjoy this monsoon with joy and in healthier manner.


  • Though Indians are great lovers of street food, doctor’s advice to stay away with them as they can get easily contaminated in rains and may contain germ causing diseases.
  • While cooking, make sure that chopping boards and hands are washed properly. Even eat food only after washing hands with soap and sanitizers so that personal hygiene is maintained properly.
  • Non-vegetarians must prefer light meals and soups rather than heavy non-veg meals.
  • Monsoon invite lots of mosquitoes and other insects and thus disinfectant and mosquito repellent must be used generously to stay away from flies, termites, cockroaches and mosquitoes. You can even use clove, neem or camphor to minimize entrance of mosquitoes in homes.
  • Drinking boiled and filtered water is a must in monsoons to remain away from germs attack. Drinking herbal tea and hot vegetable soup is a good option for monsoon’s.



  • Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated. Due to sudden drop in temperature, it is natural that we may reduce water intake. But drinking water even if you are not thirsty will help you in draining out toxins from your body.
  • During rainy season, micro-organisms easily grows and thus maintaining cleanliness becomes very significant. Even if you sneeze, you must clean your hands and use sanitizer after it.
  • Take a shower after you get drenched in rains. Getting wet in rains can reduce your body temperature in alarming rate that invites diseases. Taking hot shower at those times proves to be the best remedy in getting rid of germs that may have been picked up after getting wet in rains.
  • Stagnant water invites dangerous anaerobic and parasitic germs to breed in and makes you exposed to diseases like dengue and malaria. Therefore, emptying them and cleaning them at once is the best solution to stay away from them.

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