Reasons Behind a Rapid Increase in Eye Diseases. Can Eyeglasses Be of Some Help?

Can eyeglasses be of some help

There is an alarming hike in the cases of eye diseases over the past couple of decades. Although the healthcare system has improved worldwide, we are constantly facing a surge in multiple diseases. Many factors contribute to vision and eyesight problems, including genetics, hygiene, work habits, environment, air pollution, and many others. 

However, with the developments in medical science and technology, we have developed many ways to prevent, cure and restore eye health. Eyeglasses are one of those ways. You can contact an emergency glass service provider, such as Overnight Glasses, Warby Parker, Glasses USA, etc., to deliver your prescription glasses the same day.

This article will explore the reasons behind a rapid increase in eye diseases and the utility of eyeglasses to refrain from such diseases.

Factors Contributing to Eye Diseases:

Do you know that there are multiple reasons why your vision may go bad? A few of such reasons are discussed below;


Age is just a number, yet your body becomes more vulnerable to diseases and viruses the older you get. With growing age, the immune system is weakened, making the human body susceptible to virus attacks and organ failure. AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) is a widespread ailment in this context. Older people get this problem due to the deterioration of macula in their eyes. 

Apart from AMD, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy are also age-related vision diseases. It is not easy to understand why the growing age causes these vision problems. There are living examples of older people who still have perfect vision. However, scientists are working tirelessly to reduce the growing number of cases and develop cures for patients. 

Prescription eyeglasses do not restore perfect vision for age-related diseases mentioned above. However, your eyeglasses will help you see clearly and easily manage your everyday chores. Only an experienced doctor can suggest a reasonable course of medication for a specific case.


Today we live in a polluted environment. The air we breathe in is filthy, the water we drink is contaminated, and even the food we eat is loaded with harmful chemicals. This endless dilemma of pollution affects our health. Apart from our mental health, physical health is also at stake. The junk food our young generation craves is causing threatening levels of obesity across the US. Do you know that this obesity is leading to diabetic retinopathy, which is a severe eye disease? Environmental pollution also poses dangers to eye health.

If you live near a water body, it is recommended not to pollute it by throwing garbage in it. It is recommended to drink clean water, which is laboratory tested. You should not reside near industrial establishments. Eating clean, organic, and natural is also a necessary habit to adopt. All these preventive measures will undoubtedly curb the risk of developing eye-related ailments.


Do you know your family’s medical history? It is imperative to know your history to stay extra cautious of disorders like AMD, Glaucoma, Cataracts, etc. There is no escape from hereditary eye diseases. Yet, you can minimize the risk of developing one by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, and doing regular exercise. 

Exposure to Light:

Do you work in an environment with high intensity of ultraviolet rays, blue radiations, computer screens, or sunlight? As the prolonged exposure to radiation is harmful to your eyes, it is strongly recommended to either limit yourself indoors or use sunshades or safety glasses while working. For instance, you can use blue light filter glasses while working on computers or laptops and use photosynthetic eyeglasses while working under bright sunshine. 

The Role of Eyeglasses:

It is highly beneficial to invest in quality prescriptions or sunglasses. Kindly note that eyeglasses do not guarantee the avoidance of eye diseases. Still, science has proven that you can significantly minimize the risk of developing eye-related ailments by using quality eyeglasses, including sunshades and blue light blocking glasses. 

There are several optical service providers in the market providing quality products. However, it is advisable to make an informed decision while deciding to purchase specific eyeglasses. Eyeglasses have a long history. Humans have a centuries-old relationship with prescription glasses. Will you believe at some point sunglasses used to be a symbol of your social status and wealth?

The Conclusion:

Whether you use prescription glasses, bifocals, sunglasses, or any other variant of eye products, it is necessary to understand the advantages, drawbacks, and other effects it may incur on your daily life. For example, a specific fashionable pair of glasses might make you look good but can limit your movement and make it difficult for you to roam around, apart from being expensive. 

It is also an excellent practice to go to your eye doctor periodically for a routine checkup. Eating healthily, regular exercise, and avoiding terrible lifestyle choices like drinking and smoking is also vital. In short, you can avoid many eye diseases by simply living a healthy life. 

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