Textbook says fitness means “condition of being physically and mentally fit” but I believe that you are on the path to fitness when you consider the needs of your body to be more important than your tummy. Being fit means one should focus on developing the best balanced diet, exercising, sleeping well and following a balanced lifestyle as simply starving to cut down fat is not a correct option to look good.
Fitness in today’s era is idealized as the perfect looking body, so that they can pose for perfect pictures and start looking their best, but getting fit is much beyond than shedding some extra kilograms.
One of the main reasons people flounder in the journey of fitness is lack of motivation and if living a fit life was easy then everybody would have done it, but there are 5 keys to live better, healthier and longer life.
Set goals
Firstly we need to set targets, whether it is for diet or exercise. Fill your kitchen with organic food such as fruits, vegetables and oats. Try to include all necessary nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals in your diet. Make a plan for your day, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water and take an adequate sleep for at least 7 hours.
Include cardiovascular activity
Activities like walking, running, jumping, aerobics, and swimming should be included, as they burn calories andhelp us to loose fat. Nowadays people in their houses can do walking and running on treadmill however doing it in fresh air is better.
Indulge in weight training
Weight training is useful to develop the strength of skeletal muscle; it can be done even with two set of dumbbells, or exercise ball.
Trace your success
Next step is to check your rate of success, whether the efforts applied is yielding result or not. Whether you feel more energetic and fresh or not, or if you have any change in weight, are few basic ways to check the success of your hard work.
Consistency is a key to success, for this you need to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy, exercise and sleep well.

We all have cravings, but for this you should not be starving. With the correct proportion of everything, you will be slaying.

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