Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Monsoon Hazard- Mosquitoes, Flies, And Other Insects

Monsoon is here and you must be all set to have fun with the rains providing much-needed coolness around. However, you must also be aware that the humid weather aids in the growth of not just bacteria and fungus but insects too. The humidity in the air and storage water becomes the best breeding place for mosquitoes and an invitation for serious diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. Thus, it is important to avoid these unwanted pests from coming into your houses. here are a lot of natural ways you can get rid of family unwanted pests especially the more dangerous insects like Houseflies and mosquitoes. Here’s how-

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Flies

  1. Clear out old standing water- Mosquitoes normally increase in stagnant water because only a small amount is enough for the eggs to sustain. It is also inessential to keep water tanks, drums or buckets covered. Replace the water in containers regularly or clear out the water from coolers, flower vases, plant pots and pet dishes. Add few drops of kerosene oil to open drains and ponds.
  2. Dispose of garbage properly- Always throw any stored waste and keep dustbins covered at all times. Garbage containers are a fly’s favourite breeding spot, so cutting the source would help reduce them in numbers. Make sure the garbage bin should be covered and there is an outer bag to add the trash in the can so that it doesn’t stick to the trash can, which attracts monsoon flies.
  3. Use screen nets- The best way to prevent flies and mosquitos from entering your home is to use window screens. In this way, you can have fun with the awesome breeze while keeping the flies out.
  4. Clean every area of the house with anti-bacterial- Focus mainly on places like the kitchen area, dining table, bathrooms etc. as these places are mostly moist and act as a magnetic to rain disease. Using chlorine-based cleaning solutions is best. This works as a quick fly repellent when they get in contact with rain fly.
  5. Use camphor- One of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in the rainy season is to make use of camphor (Kapura). Camphor / Kapura acts as an effective mosquito repellent and a small piece of it can be placed at various spots in the house. Place it and leave the room closed for a few minutes. Doing so will leave your room a mosquito free area.
  6. Use natural plants and shrubs- Yes, plants like Neem, Tulsi, lemongrass and marigold etc not just add beauty to your house but also repel insects and mosquitoes. They can be placed in the house as their aroma and fragrance are enough to keep your home and family safe from disease-causing mosquitoes.
  • Basil- House flies do not like the smell of basil (tulsi). You just need to keep basil plants near doors and windows to get rid of flies. You can also use a pack of dried tulsi/basil leaves in a muslin pouch and place them in every room.
  • Eucalyptus Oil- Soak a piece of cloth or in eucalyptus oil and place it in a jar. You should keep the jar open in your room.

Monsoon is indeed the time for flies or mosquito attack. Know easy monsoon hazard prevention tips to safeguard your family and loved ones. Because, a healthy home makes a healthy you!

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